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Psych-Gus is stealth

You can't run away.

I ended up having a pretty amazing writing day. I attribute this to the kids going back to school and the ABUNDANT amount of uninterrupted time I was graced with to stare at the computer screen while thinking deep thoughts. Write or Die might have a hand in it as well. Awesome.


For those doing the math, that's over 5K words since my last post. A little under 2K last night and the rest throughout the day today.
Say what you will, I'M STOKED!

The downside of cranking out words like this is that I'm not going back and doing any editing. I'm imagining dire word combinations already. I know for a fact that every freaking paragraph starts with a name, which bugs the crap out of me, but that's something I'll smooth out in a few days. It's also possible that I rambled just the tiniest bit. That's another something that I'll look over in a day or two and smooth out as needed.

The upside to this? FIVE THOUSAND WORDS! And? And and and ... I can see things coming together. I've moved my spy to a position of trust and given my female bodyguard a guy to boink. Perhaps that last one isn't so important in the grand scheme of things, but it made her happy. Or me. Whatever.

I'm pretty much sold on Write or Die, if you hadn't guessed. I'm even contemplating ponying up the $10 for the desktop version. On the other hand, the free internet version is totally working for me. Why mess with a good thing?

Enough writerly talk.

Cole and Hailey started school today. Somehow Hailey became convinced that I wasn't going to pick her and Cole up after today. Which made me laugh hysterically because, hello! it's a mile to their school. I'm not leaving them to walk that. And when I say a mile, I don't mean a mile through a residential area. Oh, no. It's a mile that's mostly past commercial buildings and empty fields. Because I live in the country, guys. The country. We have cows. And hawks. And dead skunks in the road. And turkey vultures that eat the dead skunks.

You've never really lived until you've seen a turkey vulture dragging a squished carcass into a field.

For serious.

Okay. Enough out of me. I still haven't watched Sunday's True Blood. My Eric Northman fangirl card is about to be revoked.