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Okay, Guys! T-minus (less than) 2 hours until Cole heads off to bed to prepare himself for DAY ONE OF SIXTH GRADE! HOLY SMOKES! I'm completely excited about having uninterrupted quiet time in the evenings to do such things as WRITE or WATCH TRUE BLOOD or READ PORNY WEREWOLF NOVELS!


Anyway, now that my unmitigated glee is out of the way: I wrote a bunch today.
Most of it is courtesy of the site Write or Die which does a pretty amazing job of keeping you on track when you're trying to get your word count up. I'll admit that I aim kinda low (200 words in 20 minutes is my usual) but I've exceeded my word goal every single time thus far. It's kinda awesome.


Write or die gave me an interesting chance to look into one of my almost-heroes and the guilt he feels for associating with the bad guys. Guilt which he feels even though he's with them to bring them down. He feels pivotal to me. He's positioned well to help with something big that's barreling down the runway and he's gaining more depth as the story goes on. Interestingly enough, one of the guys who I thought would have a bigger role has decided to slip into the background a bit and allow things to happen around him. Doubly interesting, I tied together one plot point that's currently gently dangling to another one that's like a big, white elephant. It really won't be addressed until the end of the entire story but the pieces are all there. And they all work. Yay!

Well, now that I've babbled about werewolves and heroes who aren't and elephants, I think it's time to go.

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is he at middle school now? or is sixth grade still elementary

It's till elementary in this school district.

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