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TW-Gwen-Tough day

This is this and that is that ...

Whoa. I got a lot of stuff done today. Including writing. However, I'm not going to post any stats yet because I feel like I still have more writing in me this evening and I've noticed that I tend to slack off in the evening when I post stats.

Anyway. I got a lot done today. I pulled out a bunch of sickly looking plants, including all the dirt because it was a giant root ball, and replanted the entire pot with trailing flowers. They're not actually trailing yet, but they will be in a few weeks. Then I straightened up the corner of the garage where everything seems to migrate into. Then Amb, Heather and I went out to try to find new shirts for Amb because breastfeeding mommies have big boobies and their shirts don't fit properly. As Amb pointed out, she doesn't mind wearing t-shirts to school but not until the 3rd week or so. I was like, Dude, you're such a good role-model teacher. Then I laughed at her. Unfortunately she didn't find anything she liked and school starts for her on Wednesday so she's really out of time on shopping because the next two days are going to be spent making sure her classroom is ready for the wee rugrats.

You know, when I write it out it doesn't look like as much stuff as it felt like. Boo.

Hailey's driving me seriously insane right now. Arrgh.

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how goes the job search? if one hadn't fallen into my lap i wouldn't be going back to work. i wouldn't want to even be looking!

Uggh. I'm so unmotivated that I'm looking but not really looking, if that makes sense. I keep hoping something will fall into my lap too!

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