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SCC-Terminator exoskeleton

We're fighting for a lost cause ...

Sometimes my mom is a machine. A full-on cybernetic organism. Possibly, that makes me a 2nd generation Terminator, but don't quote me on that. The point of this is that my mom gets this insane urge to do things and she'll go wildly out of control and somehow rope me into helping her and all of a sudden I'm hauling empty pots off our patio to put into storage. I kid you not, this morning at 8 she had me out on the patio pulling our nasty tomato plants out of the pots so we could "tidy up". This is after she had already called me down for the annual cleansing of the garage freezer with ritual fire and sacrifice. Of course the freezer really did need to be cleaned (as shown by the deer meat we had in there from 2003 - in my family's defense, one of my uncles is a hunter who wastes no part of the animal he kills. However, that little aside doesn't excuse the fact that we've had that meat in there for SEVEN YEARS. Hell, we had to move it from one house to the next.) and now we might actually be able to put things into it again.


Now, I did think the sacrifice part of the morning was taking things a little too far, but since my mom is currently a Terminatrix I was forced to go along with her diabolical plans that will somehow probably help overthrow the weak humans and allow the MACHINES TO RULE SUPREME!

Also, we went to a barbecue today.
The end.