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Books-SK-Bad Moon Rising

A thousand eyes are blinking ...

I am dead on my feet tired and I haven't even opened up Word today. That's no good. In fact, I haven't written more than a handful of words over the last 3 days. Between babysitting Ryan and making sure Cole's set up with all his school supplies, I feel like I'm grasping to find any time to do the fun things. Boo.

In fact, the only things of substance I did today were cleaning my room, vacuuming the upstairs and doing some grocery shopping. To be honest, that's not a whole lot of stuff. Especially when you consider that I was home all day and I didn't take a nap. For the record, I don't get the whole no napping thing so don't even ask about it.

I honestly have nothing else to talk about.
That's just sad.