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TW-Gwen-Tough day

Everything begins to fall ...

This is going to be one of those nothing posts that people look at years later and go "Why? Why did you even bother firing up the computer if all you're going to write about is nothing?" The upside of this scenario is that people are looking at my journal years in the future and it's making them ask the tough questions. The downside? It's still a journal about nothing.

Yeah. Anyway. I finished the book that I've been belly-crawling over for the past few days.
Book #167 - Forsaken by Shadow by Kait Nolan - I ended up liking it, but I had a hard time connecting to the characters which is probably why it took me FOREVER to get through. Maybe it was the lack of explanation going in as to what paranormal/supernatural powers they had because once we hit the part where the other paranormals were teaming up with our mains and kicking ass, I found myself becoming much more interested. Cade has been living the last ten years of his life with a big fat hole in his memories. In fact, he remembers nothing prior to waking up in a hotel room with burned hands. For the past ten years, Embry believes the man she loved is dead and it isn't until her father is kidnapped and she has to mount a rescue mission that she finds out the truth. Finding him, giving him back his memories and convincing him to infiltrate a secure military base are just the beginning of her problems. Like I said, I ended up liking it, I just had a hard time plodding through the first half.

I'm putting myself on a strict "no new Kindle books that I have to pay for" regime for the next week. I seriously went a little out of control there for a while. Yeah. 100 books later. Oops. However, my one saving grave here is that Amazon does offer quite a few free reads that change often. Therefore I won't be totally hurting for new shapeshifting material. Awesome!

I'm off to do things that require very little brainpower. Or possibly to write, which requires large amounts of brainpower and a small, hand cranked generator to kick start my muse when she decides to lie down and take a nap.

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i find it ironic that you wrote "one saving grave" instead of grace.

anyway, it is interesting, this online journaling. i hope it will be around forever; for me to reread and for other people to read my fascinating posts, but how do we really know? maybe the paper journal is the way to go, just in case this site goes defunct, but then other people can't just stumble into it and read my journal genius.

I think it just goes to show you that I write about graves more often than graces. My fingers automatically type some words even when I'm not trying to. :)

Thanks for giving it a try! It's always a struggle to balance things in very short works--the longer stuff is definitely my forte. More room to explain!

Well, I'm interested to see where things will go from here, so thank you for writing it!

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