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I remember waiting ...

Y'all! I did some writing today. Not much, but still a respectable amount. The only downside to this is that this will be the first word count posting I've made with my expanded goal. Boo. I'm no longer in the high 90s.

Now that's just sad.
However, I did lay some fair-sized groundwork for something that will happen in the finale so I'm going to ignore the 52% and focus on the happy writing.

Randomly, my wrist is killing me. Heather asked me to go over to her place today to help her put together a TV stand and I think working the screwdriver on that was a very bad idea. Ouch.

For some reason I kept forgetting to review this book that I read a few days ago. No idea why, but here it is...
Book #166 - Best Intentions: A Ghost Cats Story by Mandy M. Roth - Okay. I liked the beginning of this book. I was even okay with it skipping ahead 6 years. Until. Until all the betrayals and lead up and everything pooped out and for some reason EVERYONE WAS OKAY WITH EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED. I don't know, it just felt off. Anyway. Lily rolls into the small bar looking for a one night stand. Brayen is more than just intrigued by her, he's confused as to how a human was able to find his bar, since it's been spelled to protect the shifters that frequent it. They can't fight that feeling and they both get a little action. One big misunderstanding later and Brayen is left without his mate and Lily's hiding a big fat secret. The thing that makes my face sad here is that I've enjoyed many other books by this author and I only ended up feeling vaguely disappointed when I got to the end. Boo.

Randomly, do any of you that frequent Goodreads ever click the "vote" button when you read a good review? I only ask because I've received a couple of votes lately and it gives me a giddy sort of thrill when I see them.

Okay. I'm off to do things.

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Glad to see you up and about. (And yeah I'm sure you've posted every day and I haven't read those yet) But the last little blurb I saw or Tweet I think was that you were ill. So yay for no longer being ill?

I wasn't actually sick, I just had the mother of all headaches. It was not enjoyable.

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