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These bright lights cast a shadow ...

I've always been one of those people who wakes up disgustingly early. Like, crack of dawn early. Like, what the hell's wrong with you? early. All of a sudden I've been sleeping in every day. It started with me sleeping until 7 and it sort of plateaued with me getting up at 7:45 every morning. Today? 8:45. I feel like the apocalypse is nigh!

You might be thinking, "No one wants to hear about how you can keep your unemployed ass in bed until normal people get up!" While that might be technically true, I actually had a reason for mentioning it. See, Heather has been off work since her knee surgery and she goes back to work next Monday. Uggh. That means I'll be back to getting up at 5:45-ish so she can drop Hailey-bug off before heading out. Add that to the fact that the kids go back to school the following day and you can probably guess that I'm going to have a bitch of a time getting back into the swing of things.

Plus, there's that whole job thing where I'll probably have to get up early for. Which I'm still not looking forward to. I mean, really! Who needs to work? I mean, besides needing money for such basics as food and my mortgage and my disturbingly overwhelming book addiction, who needs it? WHO? I ASK YOU!

Have I mentioned how easy it is to buy books for my Kindle? TOO EASY! It's like, oh, I haven't read a book today about shapeshifters who have a space ship and need to have copious amounts of sex while navigating an asteroid belt. Let me browse the Kindle store ... Look! A book about shapeshifters in space! How fortuitous! *click* *buy* *too easy*

Speaking of books ...
Book #163 - In The Warrior's Bed by Mary Wine - It's been a long time since I read a full length historical. I liked the overall feel of the book, the writing was good, the characters were well developed, but I've been immersed in shapeshifters and their ilk for a while now and it was hard for me to change gears and jump into something so mundane. That said, I'm not sorry I picked the book up and I could easily see myself re-reading at when I'm more in a brawny Scotsman sort of mood. Story? When Cullen McJames is accused of defiling a rival clansman's daughter in the King's court, he takes the high road and decides to kidnap her and marry her to protect both of their names. High jinks and sexing ensue.

Book #164 - The Diamond Heartstone by Leila Brown - A very uneven story, with a heroine that acts one way in one scene and then has a complete turnaround in the next. If it had been expanded and better plotted, I could see it being a worthwhile read, but as is it really didn't do anything for me.

Book #165 - A Chance Encounter (Fae Encounters) by Leila Brown - Laid out better than the last book I read by this same author, it still stuttered a bit with the introduction of some concepts that weren't fully explored. Admittedly, this feels like the beginning of a larger story, so that could be addressed at a later date. A sex Fae meets twins who have the ability to control air. She's fleeing from those that would use her unique talent to enslave her, they're looking for a mate. Explosive sex occurs.

I'm currently reading 3 books. One is the next in the Carpathians series and it's taking me FOREVER to get through. One is a novella that's a follow-up to Boneshaker and I feel like I need to reacquaint myself with those characters before I can really dig into it. The third is this story that looks good on the outside but every time I sit down to read it my brain freezes up and I end up reading a chapter or two before setting it down. *sigh* I also have the 11th book in Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series sitting here staring me in the face.

I need to lay off the 99 cent Kindle reads for a while and get back to the good stuff.

Okay. I've rambled and babbled and spewed my awesomeness across the internet enough today.