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Stock-Book-Once upon a time

I'm sure that you'll forgive me ...

I have a couple of books to put up for my massive "2010 is the motherfucking year of the BOOK" list. That's not it's actual name, btw. It's just what I'm calling it today. And maybe tomorrow.

Book #160 - Slow Hands (The Wrong Bed: Again and Again #1) by Leslie Kelly - Surprisingly good for a Harlequin, especially when you throw in that it was a freebie through Amazon. Sweet. Bidding of a date at a charity auction isn't a big deal. Women do it all the time. The difference here is that Maddy bid on Jake to keep her step-mother from having an affair with him. Plus, due to a mix-up during the printing of the auction brochure, Jake's not the playboy she thinks he is. Of course, Jake and Maddy hit it off and a night of blistering sex convinces Jake that he's found someone he'd like to spend the rest of his life with. The only problem is that her heart's been broken before and she still thinks he's a male escort. Fun and fast.

Book #161 - Venus in Blue Jeans (Konisburg #1) by Meg Benjamin - Another freebie through Amazon that I liked. I feel like I'm on a roll. As the new vet in town, Cal has all the single ladies panting after him but he only has eyes for Docia, the aloof owner of a local bookstore. For her part, she's trying to fit into the small town of Konisburg and not make waves, which is backfiring on her big time when she unwittingly makes enemies with the town busybody. Hot sex, a snarling cat, a pathetic chihuahua and good food make this is a damn fun read.

Book #162 - Sting of Desire by Lilli Feisty - Oddly enough, I didn't realize this book was set in the future until I was a couple chapters in. Apparently I'm extremely unobservant or something. I really liked the book going into it and then halfway through I was kinda dazing out and wondering where it was going to go from there. I can't quite explain why because the story kept moving forward and I enjoyed the interactions between the two main characters. Anyway. Saved from being abused by her ex onstage at a sex club, Sadine is drawn to Harry from the moment she lays eyes on him. As an undercover cop he shouldn't have stepped onstage and interfered since it could have thrown his entire investigation out the window, but he couldn't resist her. Now he has to find a way to keep her safe from herself when she becomes determined to reclaim the birthright her mother left her on her deathbed from her nasty ex. I think the thing that threw me here was the mystical themes woven throughout. I went into it thinking it was more a book about Doms and Subs. Instead I got D/s with a side of Tarot reading. Heck, I like magic and mysticism but when you're not expecting to find it ... it can be jarring.

I managed a few hundred words on the novel of epicness but it was tough because Hailey ahd one of her friends over today and somehow they ended up in my room watching hours and hours and hours of Disney movies. It was exhausting.

I'm done now.