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DW-Quote-The whole of time and space

It's all I wanted ...

Well, my damn awesome plan to do nothing but write today has fallen by the wayside. I mean, crap! When it get to be nighttime? I find this strange and confusing and probably all part of an alien plot to destroy my sense of space and time and take over the world. Because I am OBVIOUSLY the linchpin that holds the motherfucking world together and keeps it from drifting endlessly through the cosmos.

However, seeing as it's only 9-ish, I technically have 5 or 6 hours of awake time before tiredness hits me and I'm forced to go to bed. I could write my planned quota for the day. I could. I might even still have some coffee stashed away downstairs. That could give me another hour or two on top of that. Dudes! Why sleep at all? I could just stay up until tomorrow morning and then go to bed. Cole can totally fend for himself. I mean, I'm fairly certain that he can. You know, in a "he probably won't burn the house down while trying to make himself breakfast" sort of way. Pretty sure. Maybe this isn't the best plan.

Anyway. I have 2 more reviews to write and then I'm caught up to my current books I'm reading. Unless I count the short stories I've been sinking my teeth into recently. Uggh. Too much. Brain going into terminal overload. Maybe I'll skip those short stories. Maybe.

Book #157 - Derrick (Circe's Recruits #3) by Marie Harte - Picking up practically from where Book #2 left off, Sabrina's on the run from the PPA and Derrick can't get her out of his head. My biggest question with this book was why Roane had to claim Sabrina and mark her as one of the Pack when he didn't have to claim Kelly in Book #2. As far as I can figure that was entirely handwaved. I really don't remember any actual explanation for it. Other than that, this was a fun little read that moved the overall series arc toward the final book.

Book #158 - Hale (Circe's Recruits #4) by Marie Harte - I adored this book. Maybe not quite as much as Zack and Ace's story but there was still plenty of adoration. I liked how the storyline was tied up and the introduction of the SEAL team (heroes of the Dawn Endeavor series). I thought McKinley was a growly, sexy, scary character and somehow his relationship with Hale and Paige worked perfectly for me. As the overall arc winds down, the Recruits are desperately trying to find out who's running Pearson Labs while Hale is hunting down Paige, the daughter of the mad scientist who helped create the Circs, to keep her safe. As if finding his mate isn't enough, Hale also realizes that he's drawn to McKinley, the Circ who helped them from within Pearson Labs. I really enjoyed the entire series and was happy with the way things progressed from book to book and the way the final resolution played out. Now I'm anxious to get started on the Dawn Endeavor series.

Writing now? Okay.

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i was just thinking, i was only a little bit older than cole (i was almost 12) when i was in charge of my little brothers while my mom and stepdad worked. and taylor was just an infant at the time. that would be like cole watching ryan full time, plus a four year old. weird.

I canNOT imagine leaving Cole in charge of anyone. You were obviously an exceptional child.

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