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I need everything

Oh, man. I have 7 more books to review before I'm caught up. SEVEN. How did I get so far behind? Usually I'm much better than this. Maybe I'll do a few tonight and a few tomorrow. You know, I like that plan.

Book #152 - Belonging To Them (The Daly way #1) by Brynn Paulin - Another in the multiple partners genre, this one is set in small town USA where the male population outnumbers the females so disparately that all the women are in menage relationships. When Rayna rolls into town and promptly has her car die on her, it's just her luck that the four men who own the local gas station are looking for a fifth. On the run from her stalkerish ex and not looking for a relationship, Rayna finds pleasure in the arms of all four men, but only one of them makes her heart race. Jamie's insecurities about himself and his physical issues gave this story a bit more depth than I expected. Fun, fast and hot.

Book #153 - Dare to Believe (Gray Court #1) by Dana Marie Bell - Interestingly enough, I hadn't read any Fae books recently and this one really hit the spot. Leo's been drawn to Ruby since the first time he caught her scent. Unfortunately, Ruby does everything in her power to stay out of her charismatic boss' way. A night of bliss and one kidnapped sibling later and Leo will do anything to keep his mate by his side. The kidnapping of Leo's brother gave the story something extra. I liked Jaden and I'm very interested in seeing how Jaden, Duncan and Moira play out.

Book #154 - His Perfect Submissive by Alyssa Aaron - I honestly didn't care for this book. The entire first half of the book seemed so wildly improbable that I had a very tough time caring about the characters. Besides the situation that Kara found herself in (seriously, what sort of person wouldn't tell the man she's agreed to marry about a childhood trauma of that magnitude BEFORE marrying them?), the dialog felt very stilted. I also had a hard time suspending my disbelief that someone who had gone through what she had gone through would willing allow herself to be a submissive. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that I could see it happening EVENTUALLY, but not at the virtual drop of a hat like it did here. Done correctly, I like stories about Doms and their submissives, however with this story I never felt like it quite got where it was intending to go.

Book #155 - Roane (Circe's Recruits #1) by Marie Harte - Okay. I'm totally a sucker for shapeshifters who end up in relationships that are outside the norm. Which is only one reason that I'm wallowing in multiple genre books. In this case, a group of five soldiers (now civilians) who were experimented on, gained bad-ass skills and abilities, and ended up being a slave to their sex drives when hit with the mating heat, which demand that they have frequent sex with others of their kind. Until Caitlyn Chase comes onto the scene, the five men have only had one another. Now Roane is determined to claim her for himself, but how can he deny his men the only female of their kind they've come across that isn't psychotically insane? I really liked the group dynamics here. Before the experimentation that changed their DNA, the men weren't into other men (for the most part) but they're forced to make some fundamental changes to their thinking with the situation they're given. I loved the book and I've already read the rest of the series.

Book #156 - Zack and Ace (Circe's Recruits #2) by Marie Harte - I loved Zack and Ace in the first book. I loved how they were always sniping at each other and how protective they were of Kelly. Of all the men, Ace seemed to have the hardest time accepting that he craved another man's touch. When it was only his beast trying to get some action, he could handle it but when he started wanting him as a man, he freaked a bit. That gave him so many more layers for me. Zack broke my heart when he so easily accepted that he and Ace had something but at the same time he had resigned himself that Ace would never feel the same way. And then there was Kelly, who loved both men and couldn't imagine choosing between them, even before they all tumbled into bed. Needless to say, this book is one of my favorites of the series.

Uggh. I was only planning on doing 2 or 3 reviews there. Yikes. But now I'm almost caught up. Yay.

I have a very demanding day planned for tomorrow. Are you ready? I'm going to write. All day. I'm going to open up Word and write. I'm optimistically hoping to break 50K tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath on that. It blows me away that some of the authors I follow write in the vicinity of 10,000 words a day. That boggles me. If I'm lucky, that's a week's worth of writing for me. I just... wow. Wow.

Okay. I'm off to cart my boy off to his bedroom with at least one of the dogs. At least. :)

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haha i just don't review my books lol i just put which ones i read. makes it easier when i got to list them :)

I really like reviewing the books I read but it gets a little intimidating when you're 14 books in the hole. Yikes!

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