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Stock-Books-Lots and lots

I'm always falling down ...

I am so behind on updating my books read. Like, ridiculously so. I meant to do it yesterday but time kinda got away from me. Oops.

So this will be post #1 for the evening. The books post (plus, book related things).

Thing #1 - Today is Cherie Priest's (cmpriest) birthday. She would be the author of the incredible Boneshaker novel, which was (HANDS DOWN) my favorite book of 2009. Thank you and Happy Birthday, Cherie!

Thing #2 - I have a bunch of books ... 144-151

Book #144 - Shifters' Captive (Magical Menages #1) by Bonnie Dee - For the most part I liked this book. It was a little predictable, the secondary characters could have been deepened and explored a bit more to give the overall arc a little more oomph, but it was fun. Story? Sherrie Stolz was just a waitress doing her own thing when she was kidnapped and forced to confront that shapeshifters are very real. Mysterious illnesses, psychic sex and sexy shifters show Sherrie that there's more to the world than she ever imagined. Not great, but a fun little romp hat isn't too taxing on the old brain.

Book #145 - A Familiar Face (No Holds Barred) by Marie Harte - I ended up really liking this story, but I had to wade through the MOUNDS of world building information that gets dumped on you in the first chapter or so before it clicked with me. It was an intimidating amount of info. Seriously. Mallory West, witch and down-on-her-luck barmaid, finds herself transported to a strange new world when her boss gives her access to the upper level of his club. She meets snake-people, evil vampire-like aliens and finds her inner power while fighting her attraction to one hunky snake-man. I liked the snake-warriors. It was a different take on shapeshifters (seeing as how they don't actually shift) and I thought it was well done. The downside was that I felt like the story could have gone on a little longer - I was curious about the vampire-aliens and how they came by their technology. Overall, a fun and fast read.

Book #146 - Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght (Orion #1) by Cathryn Cade - I almost passed on this one simply because the title was a takeoff of the William Blake poem. Boy, am I glad I decided to give it a try. Guys, shapeshifters. IN SPACE! I'm in a little bit of heaven here! This takes my childhood love of sci-fi and adds spicy shifter sex. Sweet! Tryon Jag is a navigator aboard the spaceship Orion. A full-blooded Tyger, his kind are the only ones who can successfully navigate the asteroid field that leads to his home planet of Bryght. When he falls into his mating shift on their voyage, Calla Fellura volunteers to keep him sane and comfortable. She never expected to fall in love with him. The book was just FUN. As a plus, we get a side plot of eco-terrorism that adds a little extra depth to the story. Sci-Fi! And Shifters! Yay!

Book #147 - The Dragons' Demon by Marie Harte - Back to demons! Another one that I just found fun to read. Eve Sinclair is a demon who helps sway souls toward Hell. When her brothers play a prank on her and she unexpectedly finds herself in the clutches of the very pissed off Dragon Commander, Eve tried to fight off her attraction to him while being swayed by the protective feelings she has toward the Royal Dragon Egg. Hot dragon/demon loving commences.

Book #148 - Going the Distance (Paranormal Deathmatch #1) by Mandy M. Roth - Usually, I'm not a big fan of recreational fighting (boxing, deathmatches, etc) type books. However, the thought of a werewolf being forced to compete in illegal deathmatches while pining over the woman he's destined to mate with kinda caught my attention. Quinn saved Carri from being killed by a group of thugs one night but before he could claim her they were torn apart. Two years later, Carri stumbles onto her fiance's involvement in pitting supernaturals against one another and finds that Quinn's been held captive the entire time. Freeing him won't be easy, but she can't walk away from the man she's destined to be with.

Book #149 - Paranormal Payload (Project Exorcism #1) by Mandy M. Roth - Shifters! In space! And on another planet! The Geek!Sci-Fi Girl inside me rears her head again. In an effort to cleanse Earth of any supernatural influences, Project Exorcism sent the undesirable supernaturals out into the stars and gave them leave to colonize a planet. Things didn't go as planned, however, and only one of the five ships ever made it to their destination. 150 years later, Sevan Vasil is commanding a severely damaged ship and has no choice but to request help from a nearby planet. Little does he know that the planet is home to one of the Project Exorcism ships. Lorelei Janelle is a native of the planet and although she's reluctant at first to allow Sevan and his men to land, she can't deny that he's the man she's been dreaming about- the one destined to be her mate. Since I immediately read the next two books in the series, I'm going to say that I enjoyed this one to the extreme.

Book #150 - Force of Attraction (Project Exorcism #2) by Mandy M. Roth - Switching to one of Lorelei's banished brothers, Book #2 deepens the storyline and gives me hope that all 7 of the siblings will get their own story. Hiding his true nature has become second nature to Bradi Janelle. So, what's a shifter to do when a freak accident onboard his ship forces him into close proximity with his best friend's fiancee (in an ESCAPE POD! LOVE!), a woman he's insanely attracted to and who has her own secrets? To make matters worse, their escape pod has been forced off course and they're about to crash land on his home planet. The planet he was banished from 12 years before. Let's face it, I love sci-fi and I love shifters. This is like a chocolate rainbow with a pot of jellybeans at the end.

Book #151 - Point of No Return (Project Exorcism #3) by Mandy M. Roth - My one complaint with this book is that it felt really short. It tied up the storyline and everything but I wanted more. Nina Janelle is stubborn, arrogant and a kick-ass fighter. She's determined to ignore her attraction to Jordan Vasil at whatever cost. Unfortunately for her, the cost might just be her sanity when her mating cycle hits and she can't find relief with anyone but him. Hot jungle sex ensues. The banished brothers are mentioned once again and I'm still hoping we get their story at some point in the near future.

Holy crumb, that was a lot of books. It also took me forever to type this post up. I really don't know if I have another post in me now. Yikes.

Mental note: Don't let your books build up like this again. Please.