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TVD-Elena-Laughing and lovely

Here we go!

I am drinking a bad-ass Screwdriver at the moment and I'm so buzzed that it's hilarious. I'm almost afraid to read this later. However, I'm not as afraid of this post as I am to go back and re-read the smutty scene I'm writing. Because buzzed writing is funny writing.

Ha! There a quote I can use for my life!

Okay. So, in case you couldn't guess, I did some writing.

There is no possible way I can wrap this up in 5000 words. None. I'm thinking that I'm halfway through the book at this point. I think I'll change the word goal once I pass 50K. Because that will make me feel like I accomplished something. Yay!

For the record:
Total word count for 2010: 55,614

I have a book to review. Maybe I have two. Whatever. I'm pretty sure that reviewing anything right now would result in catastrophic (totally spelled that right the FIRST time!) failure. So I'll leave the review for later when my head isn't feeling all floaty and fun.

Back to writing porn!

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Well, go find one and then you won't miss it! Yay!

haha i'm allergic to oranges. i shouldn't find one unless i want to have itchy hives!

Lol! Okay. That's a valid point. Perhaps something else of the alcoholic variety. For some reason I want a Tequila Sunrise. But I don't have any of the parts to make one. Boo.

my dad had three of those at my brother's wedding reception saturday!

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