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XF-Mulder & the OCD

A close encounter of the spookiest kind!

I am pleased with the writing today. yay!

I spent the bulk of the morning re-outlining the story. Okay, that's entirely inaccurate. Let me try again. I spent the bulk of the morning outlining the chapters that I've already written. That may sound weird, but it's so I can go back to my original outline and mark off the things that have been completed which will, in turn, let me know what I still have to do. Unfortunately, I've come to realize that my story has evolved by leaps and bounds from the original outline and the entire planned ending will not be happening. The good news is that I think the new events make the story much more complete.

Anyway, hopefully by tomorrow I'll have the new outline completed. Hopefully. Otherwise I just get to write more naked parts. Which I'm okay with. :)

Alright. I'm back to writing. Because the words are THERE! Sweet.