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Roswell-Girl Friends!

I can hear as you tap on your jar ...

I had a very fun time with jenah, kimbrchick and malkovich03 today. We watched Practical Magic, which is one of those movies that I always like but I forget how much I like it until I sit down and watch it again. Jenn had to leave early for dinner with a family friend in lovely San Francisco, but Kim, Mal and I had a drink and got chatty while trying to find the breeze outside. Yes, we were really trying to find it. For some reason the normally windy jet stream that blows through our complex was absent. Boo to it.

So I did a little writing today. Not a lot since I had the company earlier, but enough that I'm not beating myself up for not doing anything.
Does that even make sense?

Some more post-revelation talk as girl and sister-of-guy try to figure out how the revelation fits into everything. There might have been some mention of wolves. Maybe. What with it being a werewolf novel and all.

You know, this story has taken on a whole other life from the original outline. I should go back and re-outline it to see what direction I need to nudge it in to keep it from becoming a rambling mass of words with no ending.

Randomly, I had this whole post planned about how I'm sure that one of the songs I've been listening to lately is all about a serial killer. But then I got to writing and now I just want to get back to it.

So, I'm off.