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Actor-KUrban-lensflare ahoy!

There are no conditions ...

Wow. Amb and Phil went out to some downtown Morgan Hill gathering (kinda a music in the park type thing, I think, except they block off part of downtown instead of the park) and Ryan's here right now. The poor kid is going through the lovely separation anxiety stage of babyhood. There's a lot of crying and big, teary eyes. It's heartbreaking.

Okay. I did some writing today. Not a huge amount and definitely not the amount I'm trying to work myself up to daily, but I can't complain since I've written a pittance over the last few days.

Got some more kissing and inappropriate comments by our guy's sister when she walked in on them. There might have been some groping also. Because stuff like that happens.

I'm not sure what I'm going to get done tomorrow since kimbrchick and jenah and her son are coming over for a visit. Which reminds me that I need to clean. I should probably get on that. Probably.

Okay. I read a book.
Book #143 - Speak of the Devil (Morgan Kingsley #4) by Jenna Black - I'm still digging this series. Morgan's having a crappy week. She's been suspended by the Exorcism Board. She's fighting a lawsuit. And now someone is sending her severed body parts in the mail. Fun? Not so much. Good thing she knows a few good demons that don't mind kicking butt and taking names. You know, I'm not 100% behind the whole Morgan/Brian thing. Mostly because I really can't see why he puts up with so much shit from her. She lies to him constantly and keeps him out of the loop every other time she's in danger. I don't know. I'm just not feeling it. However, I love the dynamic that Raphael and Saul are bringing to the group, especially when they start going for the jugular. Demons, ftw!

More writing!

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what time does the party start?

i might be able to come for a bit. i would have to work on homework while there, but no big deal. it would be nice to see you.

Awesome! Now I wish we had time to run to the Brewery for a snakebite!

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