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Heroes-Niki-Game on!

You're just doing what you're told ...

You know, one thing I forgot to mention when writing up yesterday's Excess of Awesomeness post was that while I was getting my mocha snaked by the King of Jordan in a Morgan Hill Starbucks, I also had to turn down his generous offer to ride the wild backroads of Northern California on his Harley. Because that's totally what happens to you when you're a 34 year old, unemployed writer and you stop by a Starbucks when a visiting dignitary is there. I KNOW THESE THINGS! MY EXCESS OF AWESOMENESS SYNDROME KNOWS THESE THINGS! IT'S WHY THEY HAPPEN!

And that's the way it happened (in my head). I swear it.

I'm not even going to put up today's writing stats. Why? Because I have 400 fucking words to write before I'll break that damn 40K barrier. I have a pouty lip and a scowl. Those two do not go well together.

Speaking of things I did today while not writing, I forgot I had a hair appointment. Well, I didn't actually forget. It was more like my stylist didn't give me a little reminder card and I never wrote it down and my stylist swore that she would call or text me the day before my appointment to remind me and she didn't. See? It wasn't forgetting so much as not remembering. Whatever. I made it on time due to the text she sent 20 minutes before my appointment. My hair is a lovely shade of red again. All is right in the world.

Randomly, I was marathon tweeting during my viewing of the SyFy (stupid name) movie Goblin last Saturday and the director messaged me to thank me for my tweeting. Umm, you're welcome. I'm just glad I didn't say anything too terrible. In fact, I still maintain that my tweeting of that movie is the most accurate recap that has ever been done in the history of forever.

And finally, in case you were worried, I read a book or two.
Book #137 - The Wallflower (Halle Pumas #1) by Dana Marie Bell - I liked the mythology behind this one. It was set in a pretty straightforward shifter universe where humans didn't know about shifters, etc. It laid out the boundaries of the world clearly and everything made sense. Emma's been in love with Max since high school but Max barely knows she exists. When he rolls back into town to take his place as the Alpha of the Pumas, he's smitten at first sight. The problem is that Emma has no idea that shifters exist and Max's ex is gunning to be the Alpha's mate. Fast paced, steamy and fun.


Book #138 - Treasure Hunting (A Hunting Love Story) by J.B. McDonald - One of the things I liked about this story is that the author wasn't afraid to make the heroine kinda sex crazed. In fact, Meg has had boyfriends leave her because she's so sexual. That aggressive enjoyment of sex seems to be something we see in female shifters a lot more often in these types of books than we do female humans. It was a nice change. So. Meg is exploring the ruins of South America when she stumbles over a jaguar who's been shot. Ignoring every instinct that screams at her to walk away, she helps him out. Imagine her surprise when the wounded jaguar turns into a super hot man. Fun and light with the added bonus of a sexy scene in the trees. Nice.

And that's all I have for tonight.