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DH-Whiskey-Blue flare

See, I'm trying to find my place ...

I had an entire post planned for this morning and somehow I got totally distracted by nothing and never got online to put it up. Is that weird or what? Don't worry, though, I'll recap the good parts for you now!

I was reading the Morgan Hill Times this morning and there was a itty, bitty mention about how the King of Jordan was hanging out in one of our Starbucks. Now, this would not normally be something I'd mention here except that I suffer from An Excess of Awesomeness Syndrome and reading that made me imagine how awkward it would have been to be in that Starbucks when he was there. You'd be trying to order your grande non-fat raspberry mocha with no whip cream and all these secret service guys would be standing around glaring. They'd probably want to frisk you because that's what happens when you're in the presence of a King. And you'd be like, "I just want my mocha. Please. No, King-guy, that's my mocha. Bad King-guy. Put it back. You ordered something else. That's mine. Oh. Okay. I guess you can just drink it since you've lipped it all up and stuff. Thanks. It was fun. Have a good time on your Harley. I like tattoos!"

Look, I don't know why the King-guy would totally take my mocha. He must have forgotten what he ordered. Yeah, you'd think that since it's my Excess of Awesomeness, I'd be able to answer some of those burning questions but one of the drawbacks of the Excess of Awesomeness is that it totally goes off on it's own tangents. I'm really just along for the ride.

Anyway. That was the highlight of the post that would have been but wasn't.

Onto writing type stuff:

I'm having a really tough time breaking the 40K plateau. I was struggling with a scene that I've been hinting at for the past few chapters and it's just not right. The way the revelation is being presented isn't right. The reactions to the revelation aren't right. I've written and re-written it a couple of times and I'm not feeling it yet. So once I finish here, I'm going to get back to that and try my hardest to at least get a rough draft of the revelation down and move along. And break that 40K plateau.

I also read a book.
Book #136 - Beyond the Darkening by Kerry Allen - This was so much better than the last piece I read by this author. It felt more complex and complete. I liked the characters. I liked the backstory the characters were given. The even like that the injuries the main guy received weren't all magically handwaved at the end. However, I wasn't keen on how quickly forgiveness was given for the betrayal that happened years ago. Still, the plot moved along quickly and I'm interested in where the clues that were dropped will lead in later books. The story: Infiltrating the Society for the Preservation of Humanity wasn't easy for Amanda, but she's immersed herself in the role to help the vampires she grew up with. When the vampire who broke her heart is captured and brought to the compound to be tortured, Amanda has to decide where her priorities lie. And whether she can trust herself to not fall in love with Nathan all over again.

Okay. I am done!