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DW-Tardis-Take me away

I surrender the night ...

Uggh. I was all happy and spritely this morning and then I took a nap and when I woke up I kinda felt like I'd been run over with a small truck. Due to the fact that I suffer from An Excess of Awesomeness, I went from feeling like I'd been hit by a truck to being sure I was about to melt into a puddle of disgusting and probably very hard to clean up fluids in the middle of my kitchen. Because that's what happens when you're overly dramatic and you don't feel well. You melt. And it's messy.

Anyway. I didn't really melt into blood and guts and I do feel marginally better now although the thought of eating makes the queasy come out in force. Needless to say, I haven't eaten anything since noon. I'm hungry and nauseated and it's not a good combo. On the plus side, I'm not the aforementioned puddle of oozing goo. Look, you take the wins when you see them.

Nauseous and achy means that I read.
Book #134 - The Nights Before Christmas by Kerry Allen - I had no idea what I was reading about half the time. Things would happen and I'd have no idea how we made the leap from point A to point B. Things weren't explained clearly. There were interesting ideas here, they were just poorly executed. Ehh. Naughty Elf with a death sentence on her head has to convince Scroogy Vampire that he has Christmas spirit or she'll be killed. Continuously. Every day. Because she has an immortality hex on her that makes her keep coming back to life. I thought that was an interesting take on immortality but then we came to the end scene- I didn't know who half the people were in the room. I didn't know whose side they were on. I just ... didn't. I wasn't terribly impressed here.


Book #135 - Along Came A Demon (Whisperings #1) by Linda Welch - There were plenty of things I liked here and there were plenty of things that I hope get deepened in later books because they were not explained to my satisfaction. I like that Tiff can see the restless dead. I like the mythology behind the world that was created. I liked Royal and Tiff's pervy roommates. I didn't like how easily the ending was tied up. I felt like everything was rushed. Which is really a pity because the story was moving along very nicely in terms of character development and plot progression before we hit the epilogue. So, Tiff can see dead people. She helps the local PD solve violent crimes as a civilian consultant but when she's teamed up with a new detective on a case, she begins to have some serious misgivings. A good start to a series. I'll more than likely check out the next.

I'm done. My Excess of Awesomeness Syndrome is telling me that it's not enough to just journal every day (twice a day, recently!) but it would be superawesomecool if I could illustrate these entries with pictures of me doing all the super awesome things that I do all day.

No, brain. It's not going to happen. Even if I think it would be cool.