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Birthday cupcakes

It's a challenge all its own!

It's a crazy birthday day!
Happy Birthday, Hailey Bug!
And Happy Birthday to my sister Tracy!
And Happy Birthday to oddmonster!

I did not get spit up on today. You might be thinking that this isn't something that one needs to announce but you'd be wrong. Baby Ryan gets so excited when he sees me that he spontaneously barfs on me. Every time. Instead, he drooled massive quantities of slime on me and grinned like a little loon.

Cute kid.

You know, taking three showers yesterday might not have been the best idea ever because I'm really, really itchy today. See? There is such thing as too much of a good thing. That was a poorly constructed sentence. I apologize.

Randomly, I think Ruby is a cyborg. Here's my proof.

She's like a doggy version of the Terminator! She's come from the future and she's looking to lick you to death! The Rubinator!
CRAP! That picture is too small. Click on it and see the bigger one and then everything I wrote there will make sense. In theory.

I was dreaming again during my nap and it was mondo bizarre but then I was rudely awakened and my anger over being jerked out of my nap made me forget it. However, my anger was them supplanted with pleasure at the spaghetti and garlic bread that Hailey chose for her birthday dinner. Yes, we celebrate birthdays for an entire freaking week in our household. Doesn't everyone?

I'm out, kiddos.
I have things to do! Very important things that involve werewolf mating habits and ... no, that's it. Sorry.

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lucas used to projectile vomit when my friend allison would come to visit. every time. without fail.

OMG! That is like the best picture EVA! I love that! LOL!

She's like the most awesome terminator dog in the history of FOREVER!

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