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Let me hear you speaking just for me ...

I know that everyone was horrified and otherwise completely grief-stricken that it was possible that the POST OF COMPLETE AWESOMENESS yesterday was the pinnacle of journal writing for me. You were wrong! Because I feel another awesome post coming on!

Unfortunately I have to just jump in and get all my feet wet because if I take the time to decide what order this needs to go in, it will be lost for all time! To the journal, gentle readers!

Guys, I took THREE showers yesterday! Three. Only they weren't all actual showers. The first one was. It was early, I needed to bathe. I did. Then we had Hailey's party and there was swimming and when I got back from that I had to jump in the shower again because I DON'T WANT MY BEAUTIFUL RED HAIR TO BECOME NOT RED! So, I rinsed off the chlorine and conditioned my hair. Nice. Then it was later and I was sweaty and uncomfortable because my room has zero airflow in it and I was gearing up for the Night of Epic Tweeting while watching a bad SyFy movie. So I jumped in the shower again.

Which leads to the Night of Epic Tweeting. I don't even know how to explain what happened there. I had salsa and a bad movie and all of a sudden I was tweeting constantly and I COULDN'T STOP! I'd apologize to all my followers for that but when I went back and re-read it this morning it was entirely accurate. Like, I could get a job writing up pithy, scene by scene comments on movies and people would be all "Whoa! That was entirely accurate. Did you see that? It was exactly as she described it! This girl is gooooood!"

And I thought I'd found my calling in life when I started writing werewolf porn. It's like I'm multi-dimensional now or something.

Finally, I don't know how many peeps have seen this already, but this song is catching my fancy right now (I think it was originally featured on SYTYCD, FYI). This is a live version so it's a little different from the single (a little rougher, still good) and I can't stop listening to it. I even broke down and purchased it from iTunes.

That's it. I make no promises that I won't be back later. And I may just Tweet the shit out of something in the meantime. Fear me!