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Birthday cupcakes

It's not even 9 AM and we're already jockeying for position

My sister is over getting ready for Hailey's birthday party. My sister's good at planning these sort of things for the most part but every once in a while something like this happens:

Sis (looking at the leftover plastic cups from Cole's party, which is a mostly full package. Maybe 5 are missing from it.): Is this all we have?

Me: Yes. Why?

Sis: Weeelllllll ...

Me: You don't think it will be enough?

Sis: Well, we have 25-30 people coming and they're all going to want drinks plus we're having the root beer floats later and we'll need cups for that ...

Me: I think it'll be fine.

Sis: *looks doubtful*

Me: *thinking* You could have gone out and bought some of your own instead of mooching off the ones I bought. Hmmph. */thinking*

Me: *what I actually said* It'll be fine.


Then there was the table incident:

Sis: We should have borrowed Amber's fold-up banquet table to put the food on.

Mom: I thought of that but then I figured we didn't need it.

Sis: *inarticulate noise which might have been rage but probably wasn't*

Mom: Well, you can always go over to Amb's house and pick it up.

Sis: *another inarticulate noise*

Mom: Nevermind! I'll go get it!

Sis: I'll do it! I didn't say I wouldn't!

Mom: *inarticulate noise of possible rage that probably isn't*


Nothing says love like these family bonding moments!

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How well I can relate :)

It was funny but at the same time it wasn't. I'm sure you understand.

Should I go over there and be like "heather, I would have a drink, but there aren't enough cups. I can't believe the lack of cups at this party."

Yes! Fuck yes! Yes to the billionth! YES! That would crack me up so hard I'd probably pee my pants!

*inarticulate noise of possible laughter that probably isn't* !!!

See, it totally works! Lol!

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