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I have no idea what half this post is about ...

Okay, guys. I actually had a serious post planned for today but now that I'm sitting here ... I don't know. Is seriousness overrated? Do I really want to go into the long backstory of why I quit my job (went crazy, had a breakdown, quit, life became happy again)? Can I adequately explain how utterly terrified I am of moving back into corporate America (doubtful)? Can I find the words to tell you how desperately I'm looking for something that doesn't involve me getting an office job (probably)? Do I dare mention how happy I've been over the past few months as my writing is taking form and that I'm doing the thing I've wanted to do my entire life (already mentioned)? Am I being premature in thinking that I may have come up with a solution (very much a possibility)?

So maybe I'll be serious tomorrow. Please note, though, that I gave you an awesome recap of my crazy time up there. Look at it!

I think I need another iced coffee. Please stand by. -interlude- Iced cherry vanilla coffee. Nice.

Anyway. I didn't end up getting much writing done today. In fact, everything I wrote since the last post was written last night. So what I really meant to say is that I didn't get any writing done today even though my word count has gone up. It's like magic. With words. And no bunnies.

The only thing I'm going to say here is that there is no way in hell that I'm tying up this story in 10,000 words. No way. So, that little 50K goal ... wrong. Since I don't know what I'm aiming for yet I'm going to keep it at that goal for now, but just know that it's WRONG!

And in completely unrelated news: We're throwing Hailey a birthday party tomorrow. It's supposed to be in the mid to high 90's. Suck. It was 95F today and I refused to go outside for anything but EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THINGS. Like birthday shopping. And taking the dogs on potty breaks.

For those of you back East who have been sweltering for the past couple of weeks and think I should just suck it up ... NO. It's hot. I was sweating. I am not a pretty sweater. Sweat-er. Person who sweats. I feel like I have to clarify this so that no one is under the mistaken belief that I am actually a sweater. I am not. I am not and have never been a knitted jacket or jersey, in pullover or cardigan style, with or without sleeves. I promise.

Yep, the coffee's kicking in.

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I am really keeping my fingers crossed that you can find something that you love and that will give you the $$ you need so that you don't have to get into a situation that makes you as unhappy as the last one. Having said that...should you require any information from yours truly if you start to look at corporate stuff...I am here.

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