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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

I can handle the rough stuff ...

Another good writing day today. It's moving. It's even moving forward. That's always a plus. Always.

In today's writing: Our guy got to snipe at his sister in an entirely humorous manner. Our girl got interrogated by twin 8 year olds who ask hilariously inappropriate questions. Our girl had her hair braided.

Tomorrow: Dammit! None of yesterday's plan for today played out. I still haven't written more back story on the bad guy. However, I did manage to set up for the night of the full moon. Kinda. Okay, I mentioned it, so tomorrow will be more groundwork for the full moon and some wandering across the grounds. And that bad guy is getting something written about him. Somehow.

I also finished my book last night.
Book #133 - The Devil's Due (Morgan Kingsley #3) by Jenna Black - I'm still really liking this series. Morgan can be abrasive and annoying and hard-headed and she sometimes acts without thinking, but she's interesting. Her relationship with Lugh is convoluted but she likes him, even though he's a demon. She's harboring an attraction to Adam but she has Brian that she loves. It's all very complex. The story: Morgan is approached by a distraught mother to investigate whether her son was coerced into becoming a demon host. Meanwhile, Lugh is planning on assembling his royal court on the mortal plain. The farther Morgan gets into the investigation the more it puts her in danger and Lugh's demons are on pins and needles trying to keep her safe. Morgan's moral compass is definitely wavering. The idea of killing to preserve her demon isn't out of the question.

Okay. I think I can squeeze out a few hundred more words tonight.