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Hey! It's Wednesday evening and I'm currently sweating myself into my chair. Nice? Not so much. In fact, what the hell happened to that perfectly mild summer we were experiencing up until this point? Come back, breezy weather! I'm make you cookies!

Dudes. Four ginormous cups of coffee today. Fear me. Maybe it was only three. No, I'm pretty sure I'm on the fourth. Rock on!

I did some of that writing stuff that I sometimes do.

I know that it doesn't look like I wrote a lot today but I'm pleased since I ended up cutting a nearly 1000 word scene for later use. By my calculations, I wrote almost 2000 words today. Not too shabby. Plus, by cutting the scene in question and moving it I get to spend more time making my bad guy even more despicable. To make a long story short (ha!), it turns out that at the pace the main part of the story was moving the kidnap victim would have been in the bad guy's clutches for a couple of months. She's a tough chick and everything but I just don't think she would survive that long. So, she'll be kidnapped later and I'll have the chance to build up the bad guy's character a little more. Sweet!

Today: Revamped the kidnap scene to make it a failed kidnap scene with the added bonus of the bad guy getting shot in the ass with buckshot. Ha! Laid out the ground rules for my girl's time with the werewolf pack.

Tomorrow: Hopefully, I'll add a few more choice tidbits in the backstory about the bad guy's unsavory morals. And, dammit, I really want to get to the night of the full moon. That must be just around the corner. I'm sure of it.

Oh, I also finished a book. I love my Kindle.
Book #132 - Dark Succession (True Mates #2) by Teresa D'Amario - I kinda skipped the first in the series, but I don't think it hurt my understanding too much overall. There were things I liked quite a bit here (the mystery, a broken heroine who has to find her own strength, a Pack Alpha who is trying to clean up the mess left by the previous Alpha) and then there were things I wish could have been done a little better (the tie-up to the mystery was almost too pat with a lot of converging pieces coming together all at once-yes, I'm being vague, but I think it was very coincidental that all this stuff was happening at the same time, the heroine's emotional journey could have been given more depth-I'm not all about the angst or anything but when someone has gone through what she has gone through you'd think it would have been harder for her to accept it and move on). Overall, it was a fun little ride and it dealt with some of the things that are canon in werewolf books a little differently than normal. Which was nice. The story? Ryland's been cleaning up the mess the previous Alpha left behind and he has the feeling he's never going to have a healthy, well-balanced Pack. Nora's dealing with her capture and torture at the hands of humans (in book #1) and isn't expecting to find her True Mate. She doesn't think she can handle the life he's had forced on him, he doesn't think he can live without her. Then the wolves in Ryland's pack start being murdered and they both have to try their hardest to figure out who would want to destroy the pack before she becomes the next target.

I do seem to go on lately, don't I?