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Books-SK-Bad Moon Rising

There are only so many ways to cross ...

I have a very important thing to admit here. Very.Important. Guys, I wrote my first bout of book-porn today. Not porn that could go into a book, but porn about books. It was awesome. Don't believe me?

Well, check this out!

He drew her hand away from the one she was touching and led it down a shelf. “Science Fiction?” She was using two fingers now, a slow glide across the words printed on the spine.

“Mysteries?” Back up to the first shelf where the books were stacked on top and in front.

“Classics?” It was a pitifully small collection, to be sure, but her fingers lingered on the creases and the imperfections where the spines had cracked and bent.

“Military tactics?” He coaxed her into a crouch to reach the bulk of the books that took up the bottom two shelves. Her hand was engulfed in his and he felt the bunch and release of muscles as she ran all her fingers across them. He stifled a groan when her palm dipped down and she laid her entire hand against two of the bigger hardcovers, her fingers continuing those convulsive stroking motions.

Yes, I am ridiculously pleased that I managed to make touching books kinda dirty.

I also managed to crack that 35K plateau I was working toward.

(Psst! That means I can buy the next book in the series I'm reading!)
I'm very excited about this on many levels. I think I've written more the first few months of this year than I did all of the past five years combined.

So, today's writing: recapped the sexy night that didn't involve sex and gave our girl a faint blossom of hope that maybe she'll come out of all this in one piece. Unfortunately the book porn occupied my brain and I never made it over to the bad guy. So that's on the menu for tomorrow.

I spent the bulk of the day writing, but I also finished my book last night.
Book #131 - The Devil You Know (Morgan Kingsley #2) by Jenna Black - I'm really getting into this series. I know I was a little iffy on the first book, but Lugh won me over. Apparently I have a thing for demons and werewolves. Who knew? Exorcist and unwilling demon host, Morgan Kingsley has her hands full keeping the Demon King hidden from his enemies. Now there's a sociopathic demon hunting her down and a family secret comes to light that sends her entire world into a tailspin and Morgan has to figure out how far she's willing to go to keep herself and her friends safe. I like the twist the secret brought to the entire mythology. I adore Adam and Dom. I liked that Lugh wasn't afraid to use Morgan's attraction to the two of them to get her all fired up. There was just a lot of little things I liked. Plus? I only caught a time or two where Morgan's toughness was mentioned. Thank you, Jenna Black!

And now I must do things.