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Books-KH-Black Magic Sanction-Rachel/Bis

Before you point your finger ...

Good writing day! I think it's all about the motivational goals.
Because I want the next book in that series.

Today I managed to: throw some aspirations on our guy's sexual prowess, give some hints that the bodyguard might be destined for more than she currently is, and take our guy's shirt off so he could be ogled. Nice.

Tomorrow: I need to get my bad guy back into the picture. He's decided to hide out and inflict pain where no one can see him. That jerk. I also have to make sure that the kidnap victim is still alive. I'm pretty sure she is. She's tough like that.

In the land of real life: It is seriously breezy here. Like, I might need to shut my window because it's blowing hard. Ha! I said "blowing" and "hard". Together. Ha! Yes, I do crack myself up. Thank you for noticing.

I didn't finish my new book last night. I'm trying to draw it out. I'm almost done with it, though, so I'm pretty sure it's not going to last out the night. Poor thing.

Okay. I'm done.