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John's Ass

Within these walls is a vast collection of knowledge ...

I'm expecting a fist pump for this! Are you ready?

I broke my 30K plateau! Which means that I can buy that Kindle book I've had my eye on. Love!

In my imaginary world, I've now given my girl a bodyguard (although she's young and not terribly strong, but strength comes in many guises) and had my guy find out that she doesn't wear panties. Good times.

Next up: napping with the heroes, giving my bad guy a bad day and learning that shapeshifting isn't in the cards for all parties.

Oh, I also finished my book.
Book #130 - Wolfen by Madelaine Montague - Okay. This book? Was good. There was good plot progression, well laid out mythology and it didn't feel as forced as some of the other books by this author. In other words, I liked it. Yes, we're still in the multiple partner genre and there's claiming and marking and hot sex. I'm enjoying this set of books I've been reading. Why mess with a good thing? Danika Whitney has been sent to a small town to study a pack of wolves that have been acting outside the norm. She's noticed some hostility from the natives, but that's small potatoes when a biker gang rolls into town and turns Danika's life upside down. Renting the cabin next to her puts her in close proximity to the five hot, dangerous men and she's having a hard time choosing between them. Admittedly, there are grammatical editorial errors that pepper the book, but I DIDN'T CARE. The book was just that fun. Now I can only hope that Madelaine Montague decides to put out another book in this universe.

Time to troll Amazon for my booooook.

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