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Stock-Books-Lots and lots

Don't stand there and watch me fall ...

Uggh. I need to stop staying awake until 2 in the morning and getting up a few hours later. It's really wrecking my internal clock. Except that I love being up when no one else is and would gladly trade my kingdom to be able to do it into perpetuity.

So, yeah. I stayed up way too late last night. Part of it was to make sure the boys spending the night didn't stay up too late and part of it was because I wanted to finish my book. Damn those good books and they way they sink their claws into me.

I wouldn't really be complaining except that I woke up with a bad, horrible, no-good, messed up headache that wouldn't quit and it kinda sucked. It's gone now but the lack of sleep combined with the achy head made my morning kinda unbearable. Suckalicious, in fact.

Did I mention that I finished a book or 3? Because I did.
Book #127 - Crossroads (Southern Arcana #2) by Moira Rogers - One thing I'll say about Moira Rogers, she gives me exactly what I want in a series - face time with the characters I met in previous books as well as new people to get involved with. Picking up shortly after the assault on the Seer's estate in Crux, Nicole Peyton is back running her bar trying to figure out if Derek is ever going to pick up on any of the million hints she's been dropping that she thinks he's hotness personified. When Nick's uber-powerful Seer sister shows up with Council Werewolves on her trail, Nick, Derek and the gang have to figure out how to protect her until Nick can negotiate a treaty with the Council. A fast read but very fun and I'm itching to get my hands on the next. Which isn't out yet. Dammit.


Book #128 - Hunger of the Wolf by Madelaine Montague - I get the feeling that I read these books out of order, that is assuming that Cry of the Wolf and Wolfen are part of the same series. It didn't really end up mattering, but I'm one of those that likes to see things through from beginning to end. No worries. I'll read them all. I have to say that there were things about the Lycan mythology that weren't made quite as clear to me as they could have been, but I soldiered through and figured things out eventually. Okay. When Dante catches the scent of a human while he's out hunting a Rogue Lycan he's immediately drawn to her. He takes her captive (for her own safety, of course) and brings her into his own home. It turns out that Shilo's a psychic human with the Feds on her tail for running away form a government facility. Dante and his Pack have to protect Shilo while convincing her that she'll be safe with them. I liked the story overall, but I did think that Shilo gave her trust rather easily to these four men who she had never met before, especially since all of them were trying to get into her pants from practically the get-go. As a warning, if the thought of multiple partners squicks you (not necessarily at the same time, but the upper level members of the Pack do share their women - which is explained because the men outnumber the women by some ridiculously high margin), you might not like this book. Shilo has sex with all four of the men. Repeatedly. I was actually okay with that.


Book #128.5 - Shapeshifter's Craving by Lee Pearce - Another free download through Amazon, I have to admit that I wasn't all that impressed with it. I'm not sure if it's part of a larger series of stories or if it's a stand alone, but there was so little world-building that I didn't get a feel for the inner goings on of the world until nearly the end. Honestly, if the description of the book didn't include the fact that Kate was a princess, I never would have know from the story alone. That feels like sloppy writing. Ehh. It's short. It was free.


Book #129 - Call of the Wolf by Madelaine Montague - Apparently this doesn't follow Hunger of the Wolf by rather Wolfen (which is next on my to-read list). That, right there, is exactly why the Kindle books should label what part of a series the books are (you know, blah blah blah #1 or blah blah #2). Leaving me to my own devices never works out well. The mythology on this book is laid out so much better than Hunger of the Wolf, which makes sense since Wolfen would have laid the groundwork for this series. Anyway. Moving to a new town is always tough, but it's even worse if you're in the witness relocation program and are constantly worried that the next knock on your door is going to be a hitman. It's no wonder Abby is jumpy. Good thing the boarding house next door is bristling with eligible, gorgeous men who will jump at the chance to protect her. So what if they're Wolfen and the annual mating festival is just around the corner? Abby can handle the attention of four Alpha males. Can't she? More in the multiple partners genre. Do they even have a genre like that? Because they should.

Sometimes I wish I could read slower. You know, to draw out the pleasure in experiencing a new world. Alas. I can't. I start reading and it just zips along.