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We live in subtle times ...

Cole's having his friends over tonight for his birthday. 4 boys, a bunch of snacks and the X-Box 360. Yikes.

Naturally, I decided that today was the day I was going to buckle down and get back into the writing groove after taking a day or two to veg. It worked out better than I anticipated (what with the 4 boys, the snacks and the 360 downstairs) and I managed close to 1500 words. Nearly 4 pages. I'm happy with that. More or less.

To keep myself properly motivated towards my goal, I'm giving myself plateaus to reach. At 30K words I can order that book for the Kindle that I've been agonizing over. The one that costs more than 99 cents. The one that isn't free. At 35K ... well, probably another book. This is kinda a two-fold plan. One, I won't be spending money willy-nilly on those Kindle books that are far, far too easy to purchase (which means I'll be saving myself some dollars!). Two, I'll be working on writing this story which is going to be written, dammit!

So. Today's numbers:

I finally got the guy to admit that there's something about the girl that he finds interesting. I also got to set up some stuff that isn't going to happen for a few thousand more words but which will throw our guy into a tailspin. The girl will be able to take it because she's cool like that, but the guy? He'll totally be saying WTF?

I also finished a book. Not that anyone should be shocked by that.
Book #126 - Feline Heat by Madelaine Montague - I liked the idea behind this book more than anything else. The writing was good for the most part, the plot felt a bit thin in some places, the characters were a little on the one dimensional side, but at the same time I read the book in one sitting. Beginning to end. That has to say something. Right? Pressed into what amounts to slavery with a Russian mobster to pay off her boyfriend's debt, Kate is forced to dance as a stripper. One night her boss puts her onstage with a Siberian tiger and a lion as part of her show, expecting her to simulate the mating act with them while dancing. Afraid for her life, Kate helps the animals escape, never guessing that the two are really shifters. A flight through the forest, a few hot bouts of sex and Kate can't imagine her life without the boys. Like I said, the plot was a little thin in some places, but overall the story was a fun little romp. Nothing earth shattering, but not terrible either.

Yep. That's enough out of me.