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Uggh. I'm having one of those days where things just seem a little off to me. Not fun, but whatever.

Read some books.
Book #123 - Men of the Otherworld (Women of the Otherworld) by Kelley Armstrong - I completely loved this set of short stories. Completely. Absolutely. Focusing on the men of the Werewolf Pack, namely Clay and Jeremy, each story gives us a bit of insight into the things that made them the men we grew to love in the Otherworld series. Infusion sheds some light on Jeremy's parentage. Not much light, mind you, but enough that those teasing hints that were dropped about the non-werewolf side of his heritage in earlier books begin to take on more meaning. Savage jumps us forward 20+ years to when Jeremy brought Clayton into the Pack. This was probably my favorite of all the stories. Clay's antisocial behavior was always interesting to me and giving him this backstory just makes him that much more alluring as a character. Ascension continues Clay's story and takes us right up to when Jeremy becomes Pack Alpha. Once again, things that had been mentioned and hinted at in early books were fleshed out and Clay's unwillingness to go against Jeremy's orders was explored. Kitsunegari propels us into (nearly) the present (following No Humans Involved) and gives us a few more answers as to what Supernatural race Jeremy's mother belonged to. Overall, it was a very satisfying read. Let face it, I basically love Clay and his completely inappropriate behavior.


Book #124 - Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels - Typical Harlequin fare. It wasn't great by any means and the ending felt ... rushed. Not rushed, rather lazy. Everything tied itself up. Everything. Leave a little mystique, please. Story? Murder, mayhem, unrequited love, betrayal. And red high heeled shoes. Yep.


Book #125 - Demon Possessed (Megan Chase #3) by Stacia Kane - Okay. So, I'm totally not a crier. I don't cry at movies or books or TV shows or anything. That said, this book made me all teary-eyed. Dammit. I just wanted to slap Megan up alongside the head and tell her to suck it up but at the same time I totally got why she was fighting as hard as she was. That's good writing. It's been nearly a year since Megan was introduced to the world of the demons and she's pretty much found her groove. She has her man, her family of personal demons and her practice is picking up again. Suddenly she's got a killer on her tail and the FBI asking questions about Greyson and the other demons. Being part human doesn't seem like the best idea, but she's unwilling to take that final step and give herself over to the demon nestled within her. For the most part, I think Megan doesn't ask enough questions. She's a smart woman, yet she continually handwaves things she should be learning. After a year of living with Greyson and having her own family of demons, you'd think she'd take the time to learn the subtleties of being a Gretneg. Despite Megan's sometimes obtuseness, the books moves along at nicely. People bleed, people fight, people kick ass. Nice. I'm kinda sad to finish this series.

Okay. I'm going to take my off day and my Kindle and go watch TV with my kid. Sweet.