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What's a girl to do?

I didn't get any writing done today. In fact, I didn't get a whole lot of anything done today. I took Cole shopping to spend his birthday money. We ended up at Game Stop. $130 later and he had pre-ordered one of the games he's been DYING for and he had two other games in his hot little hands. Basically, he spent everything he got for his birthday (plus some) and ended up with video games. One of which he won't even see until November. Gotta love those pre-orders.

I did manage to finish my book.
Book #122 - The Devil Inside (Morgan Kingsley #1) by Jenna Black - I ended up liking this book but it was kinda touch and go at the beginning. Not because the story was iffy or the writing was bad or anything. Rather because I got really tired of having how "tough" Morgan was shoved down my throat every other page. Honestly, you can tell me a character is a tough as nails, but until I see it ... well, those are only words. Plus, having a couple of extra piercings and a tattoo does not make one bad ass. However, Jenna Black dropped the over-telling about halfway through the book and things really started to pick up from there. The story? Morgan Kingsley is one of the best exorcists out there, doing her part to rid the world of demons who hop illegal rides in unwilling hosts. Little does she know that she herself is a host for a very powerful demon. It turns out that her demonic passenger is the heir to the demonic throne and he's been set up by opposing factions within the demonic realm to be taken out of the picture permanently. Like I said, once I got past the over-telling of Morgan's character, I found a fun, well-crafted story. She really started to come alive for me when she was drawn into Adam and Dom's world. Her unwilling attraction to the darker side of their sex life made her more real. She was uncomfortable with it (both her arousal from it and their penchant for using pain to fuel sex) and she doesn't quite understand why both Adam and Dom find it stimulating. This expanded her as a character. She went from being a one-dimensional exorcist to being someone who had the potential to grow as her understanding grew. I'm seriously tempted to grab the next in the series right now and give it a go.

Whew. That ended up being a long-ish review. Nice.
I'm out.