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Birthday cupcakes

Losing my inflection and my clarity ...

It's my baby's birthday! He's 11. ELEVEN! Crazy stuff. We had a family-type party for him. Dinner of his choosing, presents, cake.

I took him to the movies this afternoon. We saw The Last Airbender, which really could have been better. It seemed like all the good stuff was put in the trailer. The dialogue was HORRIBLE. Absolutely cringe worthy. As far as I can see the main issue with the movie is that they tried to cram all the info that you got in an entire season of the first series into an hour and 45 minutes. It just didn't work. There was too much exposition to keep the audience moving along with where the story was going. If I hadn't seen the cartoon (all three seasons, thank you) I doubt I would have been able to follow as well as I did.

However, when the action scenes kicked in, they were pretty cool. The entire end of the battle with the wall of water ... neat.

Still, it was poorly done. M. Night Shyamalan isn't as good as everybody seems to think he is. Because that movie could have really rocked. The sets were gorgeous and the story itself is a good one. It just fell very flat in this incarnation.

Anyway. After getting home from the movies, Hailey and I popped in the series. I only saw two episodes before I took a little nap, but it's such a well constructed show (especially compared to the movie) that I'm going to stick with it for a bit. I'm not sure if I'm up to watching all 3 seasons, but ... we'll see.

I finished my book last night.
Book #121 - Demon Inside (Megan Chase #2) by Stacia Kane - I really like the mythology here. The demon hierarchy can be a little difficult to follow but that has more to do with the lapses into the demon tongue and me, as a reader, having to learn and remember what the different titles are and how they connect to one another. It's in no way insurmountable and by the end of the book I was doing pretty well with it. So. Three months after the events in Personal Demons, Megan is the head of her own little demon family but she'd really learned very little about her role within it. When demons begin blowing up, Megan has to start thinking like a demon to protect those she's sworn to. Meanwhile, human family issues bring her back to the hometown she left behind a dozen years before. Forced to face some very hard truths, Megan uses her new found power to deal with the Very Bad Thing that happened to her when she was 16 and put those demons to rest. Haha. Demons. With all the secrets Gray and Megan seem to try to keep from one another, I wonder how long they're going to last. Those crazy kids.

I also got some writing done last night after I did the LJ thing.

Not great, but I seem to do more writing at night than not so there might be some word-age in my near future.

I think I'm done.

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Whoo hoo!!!
Happy birthday to the kid!!!

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