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You'll never belong to me

I've re-watched through episode 8 of Veronica Mars season 1. Some of the eps aren't great, outstanding, fantabulous, but for the most part they make me damn giddy. I may not care for the main sleuthing story in every ep, but there's always these little nuggets of insight hidden away that make me sit up and take notice. Basically, anything that involves Logan and Veronica being in close proximity. Even when they're going for the jugular. They just spark off of each other so damn brightly. *sigh*

I got a teensy bit of the writing done today. Teensy. I blame it on the holiday.

Wish I could have written more today, but I'm pleased to have broken 25K.

I did finish a book amidst all the VM watching and non-writing.
Book #120 - Personal Demons (Megan Chase #1) by Stacia Kane - I picked up this book after reading katikat's review. It sounded fun. And different. It turned out to be both. Awesome. I liked the idea that everyone has a "devil on their shoulder", only in this universe it's a personal demon. When Dr. Megan Chase's new radio show bills her as being able to "slay your personal demons", the demons take offense and begin to wage war on her. She's being recruited by different factions within the demon realm without exactly understanding everything that's happening and suddenly a dark presence from her past is putting in it's bid to claim her for itself. She picks up a demon lover, a dogged reporter and a witch who could be a friend along the way. I've already started the second in the series.

Apparently the fireworks are about to start.

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i have never watched veronica mars. doubt i ever will.
glad you're re-enjoying it, tho :)

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