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Stock-Feet in the grass

It isn't hard to find the silver lining...

I popped season 1 of Veronica Mars in earlier just because. I forgot how much I loved the first season. Just. Wow. Wow. Wow. The pilot episode. The Logan/Veronica hatred that morphs into full on lustiness. Two thumbs up!

I also wrote a bit ...

The bulk of that was done before noon. Which is nice. However, then I did the whole VM thing and didn't get much writing done after. Whoops. Easily distracted, that's me!

I did a little reading ... can you guess who the author is?
Book #118 - Down and Dirty by Moira Rogers - Another series of short stories. Wild Card is set in a time after a great war has decimated the human population and most technology has been cast aside, the werewolves live in relative harmony with the humans. Alpha Jack Owens and independent rancher Ginny Howard clash constantly. He craves her, she doesn't want to join the pack. A night of steamy sex and a set of rogue wolves determined to push Ginny off her land, leaves Jack with no choice but to claim her. Fun, quick and a nice little journey into a wild west universe. Calling the Bluff puts Hazel, a female werewolf about to enter her first heat, up against Oliver, the lone wolf widower who doesn't quite understand why Hazel is interested in him. When they get caught out alone and she goes into full heat, Oliver vows to make sure she's taken care of. In more ways than one. I liked that the framework for this story was laid out in #1 and it played out well. Ante Up gives us the Pack Beta Thomas, solid, steady and dependable, and Lottie, proprietor of one of the local whore houses who's looking for passion. A stolen kiss shows Lottie that she might be dismissing him without giving him a chance. A fire, a missing girl and some hot loving round out this story. Sweet.


Book #119 - Some Like it Haunted (Mystic Valley/Carnal Powers #2) by Moira Rogers - This book really had no relation to the first Carnal Powers book which is a pity since I really liked those crazy supernaturals. However, it did have a hot, powerful medium and a saucy, intellectual, almost magically-nil professor who are investigating a haunted house. Not bad, by any means. I was just hoping to get more face time with Lars, Claire, Kiara and Adrian.

So, there. I hope to get a little more writing done tonight. If I can just get that darn Veronica Mars off my TV.