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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

We'll run from it all ...

Hey! It's Friday night! Cole has two friends spending the night and I'm upstairs with my music and books. Perfect!

Did some writing today.

A bit over 1000 words. Not terrible. I'm still playing around with closing out the scene that sets the pace for a bunch of upcoming scenes, but I feel like it's starting to wind down. Nice.

I read a bunch of short stories and other porny bits. Which is just one reason I love my Kindle so much. I can read books with really, really trashy covers and no one looks at me strangely because they can't see the damn cover! Brilliant. Honestly, I don't know if I'd be able to hold up the book with the girl tied up on the cover in public. I mean, maybe I could. But I just don't know. This way makes it so much less embarrassing.

Book #114.5 - Under the Magnolia by Moira Rogers - A short story with supernatural themes (naturally), this revolves around Addie and Wes. Addie is known as the oddball in her small town, but she embraces that label because it allows her to use her precognitive gifts to help others without putting her in the government's crosshairs. Wes is the sheriff who has a secret of his own. There's a hurricane, a kidnapping, and hot sex. Yes!


Book #115 - Last Call by Moira Rogers - A set of four short stories (which I actually bought separately because I couldn't NOT read the others after reading the first) about a bar where the drink you order indicates what you're looking for that evening. In Kamikaze, Zoe is a Werewolf deep in the throes of her mating cycle and no one to help her quench the fires. Connor takes her up on her offer at the bar and they have hot, hot sex. In Hurricane, Fiona's been cursed by an ex and is unable to find release. When she waltzes into Last call, she's determined to get the legendary owner of the bar and powerful wizard, Benito, to help her with her little problem. In Tequila Sunrise, we get a little threesome action with a dominant female Werewolf who wants her slightly more submissive lover to take her and use her hard. Zack is a lone wolf looking to let his dominant side out for a bit and he can't pass up on the challenge that Eve and Kieran throw down. Hot guy on girl on guy action commences. In Virgin Daiquiri, Caitlin needs to lose her virginity before her family sacrifices her to gain a boatload of dark powers. Leo is just the demon to lend her a hand. Once again, Moira Rogers has given these little snippets of stories a lot of punch. I'd be very interested in reading a longer piece set in the same universe.


Book #116 - Crux (Southern Arcana #1) by Moira Rogers - A new series, set in New Orleans (for the most part) where supernaturals mingle with humans, but the humans don't quite seem to know they're amongst them. Mackenzie has been on the run for the past month from an insane stalker who insists that she is destined to be with him and who can find her anywhere she tries to hide. Her well meaning boss puts PI and spellcaster Jackson Holt on her trail and they end up getting tangled in a decades long struggle with an insane Seer. An interesting twist had me not hating the bad guy like I thought I'd be hating him. In fact, I'm hoping to see more of him in later books.


Book #117 - Savage Possession (Temple of Luna #1) - One of the few books/short stories by Moira Rogers that I felt could have given us a bit more. For the most part I find her writing leaving me wanting to read more because I find the characters interesting and explosive, not because I think the story wasn't fully explored. In this case, I could have done with a little more back story or a little more on how Rais and Avani grow to love one another while trying t learn about each other. Which isn't to say that I didn't like the story itself- I did. I did a lot. I could have just used a little more of it. So. Avani is in training at the Temple of Luna to become one of the priestesses who help the warriors soothe their savage sides through sex and release. Rais is the son of the king, next in line himself, who is reaching a time in his life when he must choose a mate who will become queen. He remembers Avani as a young girl, little does he know that she's all grown up now and she's been in love with him for years.

Holy smokes. That was a lot of reading and reviewing. And I still have more. I just have to finish the third story in one of the series before I can review it.

I read too much.

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ahhhhhhhhh so the kindle is furthering your porn addition! all the porn, none of the guilt ;)

I don't really have guilt about reading this stuff, I just prefer to read it without the prying eyes of my neighbors on me. Now I totally can! Lol!

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