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DW-Tardis-Take me away

He stuck his finger in the world ...

Ooh! Another day of nonstop reading with a little writing thrown in. Awesome. I'd say that this Kindle is destroying my social life, but I didn't have much of one to begin with. I did take a few breaks from reading to do a couple of loads of laundry (the last of which is still in the dryer but since it's only socks I don't really care if they end up all wrinkly and stuff. Plus, I don't really wear socks, except for my awesome over the knee socks and those don't get washed with the normal socks because they're just that spectacular) and take the dogs for a walk or two. I'm pretty sure I ate at least two of the three square meals recommended.



Another not-great word count day, but I like what I managed to write. I'm just so happy that I managed to write past that block I was having on the opening for this chapter. It was painful. I must have started that damn chapter 15 times before I saw where it needed to come from. Annoying.

Things that have happened in those few hundred words: The guy and the girl will be spending time in close proximity to each other for the foreseeable future. A low ranking Pack member begins to see that not all things are as they appear to be.

Things that are going to happen when I get back to writing (aka: as soon as this post is finished): Bitchy Omega gets her ass handed to her by the low ranking Pack member. The bad guy gets to twirl his mustache. The kidnapped girl might make an appearance. Or she might stay chained up in the basement. It's hard to tell with her.

And then we have the books.
Book #113 - Last Hope (Mystic Valley/Carnal Powers #1) by Moira Rogers - Yes, I have been devouring all the books by this author. I really like the dynamic she gives her characters and the different worlds she creates with each new series. They're all close enough that you can see similar themes running through each, but they have enough differences that you're always on the lookout for what's coming next. So. In this series universe, shifters, psychics and spellcasters all live more or less out in the open. Kiara is an empathic nurse who gets involved with an Alpha wolf after a group of supernatural haters start attacking supernaturals in their small town. Adrian finds himself protecting Kiara when she becomes the group's next target. Once again, solid characters and an interesting story line kept me reading.


Book #114 - Tales from Mystic Valley (Mystic Valley/Carnal Powers) by Moira Rogers - Three short stories set in the Mystic Valley universe. The first, Moonshine, hooked me from the start. It was really the entire reason I picked up book 1. Claire is a dominant female coyote shapeshifter who's tired of acting human. On a whim, she heads out to the local supernatural bar and ends up going home with Lars, a dominant male coyote. The two battle it out in the bedroom and end up finding a balance between them. Both Claire and Lars play fairly pivotal roles in book #1. The second story, That Old Black Magic, was good but not quite as compelling as the first. Max is a shapeshifter who's goal in life is to bring down dark wizards. Polly is the professional thief he runs into during a job one night. Cue sexy music when they get locked in a closet together and have to give into their explosive passion. Not a bad story, it was just left very open ended and I'd like to know where it's ultimately going. The third story, The 13th Step, was a big departure from the previous stories in that there's not a whole lot of romance. Lots of heaving and thrusting, but it ends on a downer note that I found a little jarring. Once again, if the story of Black and Ella is going to be explored further, it could out to be a very interesting ride. What? I like to know what's going to happen to characters that I find interesting. Overall, it was a great introduction to this series and I hope some of the dangling threads get picked up in later books so that my curiosity won't be left unfulfilled.

I also read another short story, but I'll put that up tomorrow. Or not.
I'm done. My werewolves are calling to me.