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Stock-Books-Lots and lots

Otherwise you can end up like this!

Let's get this party started, shall we ...
Happy Birthday, heather13!
May all sorts of shiny, distracting things ... distract you!

Today's going to be one of those hard and fast posts. Why? Because I've been reading and I've been writing. And that's about it.

On the writing front: I finally poked and prodded myself through the beginning of the next chapter. I knew where I needed it to go, but I had a really hard time seeing where it started. Honestly, that's not a problem I normally have. If anything, the beginnings are usually easy for me. I love finding that one line that captures the attention and drags you in, kicking and screaming.

However, I worked through it and managed several pages of things happening that I've been working towards for the past few chapters.


Not a huge amount of words, but I did go back and fix a few of the things that were bugging me. Most of them were little things (how close it was to the full moon, how many people died in the opening scene, wording on one scene that read so awkwardly that I'd cringe every time I came across it) but they were things I kept telling myself I'd go back and tweak. Now, on one hand I don't want to get so obsessed with writing everything absolutely perfectly the first time around that I start tweaking and tweaking and tweaking and give up on the actual writing, but these were things I knew I'd have to go back and change eventually. These were the things that I started out writing one way and figured out halfway through that in order to move the plot forward they'd need to be altered. Sometimes slightly, sometimes a lot.

So, it's done. For the most part. Let's just say that I'm happier with it now and move along.

Onward to the books. Are you ready for this?
Book #110 - Sanctuary's Price (Red Rock Pass #3) by Moira Rogers - One thing I've found myself really enjoying with this series is that the main characters from prior books are brought back and we get to see them in a slightly different light. Dylan, the wolf who helped Abby escape the clutches of the mad Alpha in book #1, finds his relationship with Cindy, the town doctor, falling apart after the events at the end of book #2. Drawn to Sasha, an apprentice witch trying to help the Pack in their struggle against the Helena wolves, Dylan has to let go of a decade of being abused to help her overcome her terror at finding herself thrown into a full on Were-war without her mentor. This was a nice slow ride after Brynn and Joe's tumultuous coming together in the last book. Dylan's not a strong wolf, more a middle of the pack kind of guy, and Sasha is a witch who doesn't quite know the full range of her power, having lost her mentor before she was fully trained. I'm not saying it wasn't hot, because it was. I'm just saying that it was very different from Brynn's moon-crazed coming together with a highly Alpha wolf. If you can't tell, I'm seriously enjoying this series.


Book #111 - Sanctuary Unbound (Red Rock Pass #4) by Moira Rogers - We finally get to meet some vampires. Adam Dubois, the lumberjack vampire from Maine, friend of the Alpha, who Dylan, Sascha, Brynn and Joe go to recruit to their side (book #3) takes center stage when he comes to Red Rock to help the wolves with their Helena problem. He falls for Cindy, the town doctor, but he has a deep dark secret he's not thrilled to let out. She's kinda screwed up too. Apparently, being secretive means you'll have hot sex. Often. First off, did you see the part about a lumberjack vampire? Awesome. Secondly, this book gives us some pretty solid resolution on the whole Helena issue. We learn who's pulling the strings and how far their willing to go to get what they want. Although the main story arc has been resolved, I'm still hoping for more in this series. I'm not holding my breath, but I think it would be really, really nice to see how things work out down the line.


Book #112 - Short Stories from Red Rock Pass by Moira Rogers - Two short stories set in the Red Rock universe. The first was Becoming, which I read (and reviewed) the other day. It was a very good glimpse into Sam's life when she was first brought to Red Rock and how she becomes one of the forces behind allowing the town to grow into the sanctuary we see in later books. The second story was Little Things, which starts with Gavin giving young Keith some advice on courting the ladies as he prepares to ask Sam to marry him. 40 years later, Keith uses that advice to show Abby how much he loves her. Surprisingly complex for a short story, it ended up being sweet and giving you a bit more insight into the Alpha males of the Pack.


Book #112.5 - Honor Bound by Moira Rogers - I've honestly been impressed with the level of story you get with Moira Rogers' short stories. I never once felt like I was being slighted with the amount of story I was given. The characters are well developed (sometimes more so than characters in other full-length novels by other authors) and you want to know what happens to them. Amaia is a demon who betrays her people to save a child werewolf. Returning her to her Pack puts Amaia in the path of the child's brother, Orion. He agrees to help her escape the death sentence she's put herself under and ends up mating himself to her after a night of hot sex. Honestly, I would go for more in this universe. It was fun and different enough from the Red Rock universe to keep me interested.

Wow. That's a lot of books I read.