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John's Ass

I never would have learned this valuable lesson ...

Today I was drafted into helping watch Ryan while Amber and Phil did some backyard stuff. Currently, they're digging holes to put the posts in for their new overhang. There's a cement thing going on. And string. And a level. It has a weird corner on it. It seems very complicated.

Anyway. The kiddo spit up on me the first time I picked him up, had a ginormous poop and proceeded to spit up on me again. Awesome. However, I forgave him the first time he gave me that big goofy grin.

Then I came home and agonized over the opening scene for the next chapter in the epic story about hot werewolves. Ultimately, I wrote nothing on that. Boo.

However, I did finish a book or two.
Book #108 - Mated (Blood Lust #3) by Zoe Winters - The excerpt for this book is what interested me in the entire series. Werewolves. And a captive girl. Lovely. I'm still really, really enjoying the mythology set down here. As an added plus, that mythology is expanded further when we're introduced to a hell dimension and the incubi and succubi who inhabit it. Does this point toward more books in the series? I certainly hope so. Jane, one of the secondary characters from Claimed, is taken by the Alpha of the local werewolf pack to take care of a debt by the vampire she's aligned herself with. The good news is that the werewolf is a good guy, despite the reputation he's built up for himself, and he only wants to protect Jane. The bad news? Not all the wolves in the pack are keen on allowing a human into their midst.


Book #109 - Sanctuary Lost (Red Rock Pass #2) by Moira Rogers - Where I felt that the first book in the series left me wanting more in the way of werewolf mythology, this one gave it to me and gave it to me hard. Picking up Brynn's story after she was rescued from the mad Alpha's grasp, she's now living in Red Rock, trying to learn all about this new world she's been thrust into. However, Alan Matthews isn't dead and he keeps sending his wolves into Red Rock to try to capture both Brynn and Abby. Joe, the Alpha wolf who rescued her, can barely keep his hands off of her and the only thing holding him back is the trauma she was subjected to during her capture. When Brynn is attacked and accidentally turned, Joe has to teach her how to merge with her wolf before she's driven insane by it. I really, really liked this book. Brynn isn't an Alpha wolf (unlike Abby) and she knows so little about the werewolf way of life that she's floundering left and right. Her relationship with Joe gave us an interesting look into the submissive side of the werewolf community.