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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

I don't think that they'd understand.

Another day of doing nothing. Cole had a friend spend the night last night so we did a lot of hanging around the house and being slug-like today. We were also expecting it to be blazingly hot, which it wasn't, so we didn't plan on doing anything today just so we could beat the heat.

However, I did read the hell out of my Kindle. Seriously, it's hell free at the moment.
e-books - one of the things in life worth drooling over.
Book #105 - Kiss Me Deadly by Michele Hauf - This book took me far too long to read. Like, days. And it wasn't because it was OMG! So Deeeeeep! or anything. No, it was simply because it was a decent enough idea, poorly executed. There was way too much information and supernatural mythology for the amount of book we were given. The premise behind it was ... weak. It goes something like this: Vampires, Werewolves, and witches all exist. The blood of the witches is deadly to vampires. One vampire, however, has survived the death cocktail and risen as a Phoenix Vampire, which makes him super strong, immune to sunlight, blah, blah, blah. Going after the witch who tried to kill him, Nikolaus ends up bespelled by a love spell she had been cooking up. He falls madly in love with the witch and follows her around like an overgrown puppy. I can accept this part. The part that rubs me wrong is that the witch, his mortal enemy who has already tried to kill him and his entire tribe once, doesn't attempt to kill him on the spot and instead also falls in love with him. Without the help of her bad ass spell. What? Things just keep going from there. There are deals with the devil, vampire politics, more deals with the devil ... it gets to be too much. My suggestion? Skip this one and find something a little more cohesive to read.


Book #106 - Kept (Blood Lust #1) by Zoe Winters - Here we delve into a supernatural world of were-animals, vampires, and sorcerers who live in hiding alongside humans. The mythology of this series worked well, maybe because we were introduced to the different subspecies of supernaturals in bits and pieces instead of in one fell swoop. When were-cat Greta finds out she's to be sacrificed by her pack, she flees to the one person who can possibly protect her, Sorcerer and all around bad-ass, Dayne. Engaging writing and a set of circumstances that don't seem as vastly contrived as the last book I read, made this one a lot of fun. Several of the supporting characters come back in the 2nd and 3rd books, and the events in those books build directly off of what happens in this one. I liked it. I've already read the next in the series.


Book #107 - Claimed (Blood Lust #2) by Zoe Winters - Picking up from the closing events in Kept, we drawn from the world of the Were-cats and Sorcerers into the decidedly darker world of the vampires. After helping Greta and Dayne combat the effects of the drug Greta was given, Anthony attacks and nearly drains Charlee. Hating the fear he sees in her eyes after the attack, Anthony attempts to wipe her memory of his visit and instead wipes all her memories. Greta and Dayne step in and try to help, but ultimately she becomes Anthony's responsibility and ends up living with him in his apartment. While all this is going on, Anthony is involved in a tournament to decide who will be the next Vampire King. Confused? Don't be. It's pretty straight forward. Along the way we meet Jane, who happens to be our heroine in book #3. Which I'm halfway through. Awesome.

Good golly! I read a lot today.

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Been trying to reach you. Had to sneak on here via my mobile!!! Yay for enjoying Kindle! Check your email por favor?

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