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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

This is the start of a brand new revolution ...

My Kindle is here. I have read a book. There are a few kinks I need to work out of the thing, but I think that's more on my end than on the Kindle's end. I guess that means I'll have to read the user manual to get the most out of this bad boy.

Presently, I want to figure out if I can delete bookmarks (I was playing around with that feature and I really don't need three bookmarked pages on one book) and if I can shelve books in any sort of order (because I plan on filling this pretty little thing up and don't want to scroll through 1600 books at a later date looking for one I bought 6 months prior).

And things I like... I love the size of the Kindle. I love how easy it is to hold. I love the navigation buttons. I really like how easy it is to buy books and have them downloaded directly to the device. This could turn out to be a bad thing at a later date if I don't keep a tight rein on that. I just see my credit card bill. Yikes! For the most part I like the sleep mode screen saver that pops up. Right now I have a gorgeous one that looks like a page from the Book of Kells. On the other hand, there was one of an author that scared the pants off of me earlier. It was just downright spooooky. And the screen savers seem to be random so I'm a little frightened that it might pop up again when my eyes are closed and I'll be traumatized for life. I don't even know what author it was. It was just scary. *shudder*

Unfortunately, I didn't hit the 20K goal for my writing that I was planning on before my precious arrived. In fact, I don't think I wrote anything after updating the word count yesterday. Oops.

But I did read a book ...
Book #103 - His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls - Okay. It was free. I want to start by saying that. It was a free download through the Kindle store and it sounded promising. It wasn't terrible, exactly, but it was terribly contrived. Genteel, impoverished Verity falls in love with the Earl of somewhere when she was 15 and he showed her an inkling of kindness after her father died. 5 years later, she's being used as a servant by her uncaring guardians/Aunt and Uncle when the Earl shows up at their house. A series of half-truths, lies and misunderstandings have the two of them winding up in bed and when the Earl learns who she is, he agrees to marry her. Cue dramatic music. Seriously, the bulk of the problems between the two of them arise from hurt feelings and a complete lack of communication. Talk. That's all you have to do, people, and then you won't spend half the book moping and pining over the love that you've screwed up beyond redemption. But don't worry, I'm sure the two of you will find a way to overcome all of this. Maybe by talking. No, it's not terrible. It's decently written, it's just not absolutely fabulous.

Okay. I have things to do.