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Books-KH-Black Magic Sanction-Rachel/Bis

Gargoyles have always held a fascination for me ...

Umm, where did my evening go? I mean, whoa. I was sitting here, innocently reading some short stories of the naughty variety before I settled in to work on my epic masterpiece and somehow I got sucked into trying to figure out some of the finer points of Word so that I could transfer some of my guilty pleasures to my new Kindle (YAY!) when it finally arrives. Suddenly it's almost 11 and I've done no writing today.

Good thing I had all that coffee earlier and don't have a problem with staying up late. Right? Right.

Speaking of the epic masterpiece (aka-The Burning Plot Bunny), I was talking about some of the names I'm using in it with Eric earlier and how I'm doing research on those names and the various ancestries and meanings. It got me thinking along a path that looks promising. Not in this story because I'm afraid this story is going to get out of control if I don't start reigning myself in a little bit. I'm looking toward the horizon with this line of thought. I'm looking at how things evolved in the Werewolf Packs that stem from different cultures. I'm thinking about how my heroine doesn't know who she is and there could be a perfect opportunity there to explore that. For the record, I know who she is. I've known since early on. I don't think I'm going to spill the beans in this story, but I do know.

Am I starting to think too big? Is the story going to become a monstrous thing that scares me and gives me nightmares? Maybe. I'm okay with that today, though. Ask me again tomorrow and we'll see if I have the same answer.

Anyway. I have to write. For serious.