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It lives inside of me ...

The Kindle dropped $70 in price today. I'm told this is because a comparable e-reader dropped their price unexpectedly and Amazon has to keep up or get out. So. I bought my Kindle today. It was $189. I consider this a bargain since I would have paid $259 just yesterday. The good news is that I still have about $45 of my Kindle fund left since I was saving up to buy it at the higher price. Sweet! I'll get to buy a few books to go with that bad boy!

In news that does not have to do with my spending an extravagant amount of money ... I did a good bit of writing earlier. I'm just the tiniest bit shy of the 18K mark that I was trying to hit, but I'm pleased with today's writing.

I got to set up for the scene that will maneuver our girl into a compromising position, breathe a bit more life into one of the secondary characters, expand the landscape and scenery, and provide a pivot point for a break between tradition and survival of the Werewolf Packs. I also managed to end one chapter and start the next. Yay!

Next: Let the compromising scene play out, put the leads together, check in with our bad guy and try not to kill anyone. I make no promises on the last part.

My Kindle will be here on Thursday. I hope to hit 20K (more like 22K-24K) before that happens. Simply because I have a bad feeling that I might get sucked away by the pretty.

Also, my now phone is here! I'm all technological again! Awe.Some.

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Yay for getting the Kindle - congrats!!!

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