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Stock-Starbucks iced coffee

Just give me a second and we'll see what I come up with ...

Things that I've done today. And some things that I didn't do but which happened anyway. In no particular order ...

1. Hailey's Dance Recital - It was good. I need to start with that. It was a fun little rendition of The Little Mermaid for Act 1. Act 2 had a bunch of dances that the dance company does for competition and whatnot. For the love of Pete, it was too long. They could have ended it after the first act and it would have been satisfying. Seriously, it clocked in at almost 3 hours. And my mom and Heather had to stay for the second performance. Yikes!

However, the competition dancing is amazing. Absolutely amazing. So I guess I'm glad I got to see it. Even though it was too long.

2. Cole's away for a few days with his dad's side of the family. He went to his step mom's brother's wedding today and then they're meeting the rest of his family in Palm Desert tomorrow. I've been home alone the whole damn afternoon. It's kinda creepy.

3. I decided to watch some of those movies that I've borrowed and ignored. Let the Right One In. A Swedish film about vampires. I loved the ending. It was creepy and dark and just worked perfectly. The rest of the movie? A little too artsy for my tastes. Those long, lingering shots of an empty table don't do it for me. Although the falling snow was very pretty. Movie #2 for the evening was 2012 which was fucking amazing because it had CITIES BLOWING UP AND DOING OTHER VASTLY CATASTROPHIC STUFF! Seriously, I could totally suspend all my disbelief after that first citywide destruction shot. I do so love my broken cities.

4. I did not open Word at all today. I feel like I should. But I'm not going too unless something pops into my head that must be written down on the spot. That said, I'm expecting to break 18K words tomorrow since I'm taking a break today. Brain, don't fail me now!

5. I did not receive my replacement phone today. This is bad because the temporary fix the technician performed on my old phone has worn off and, once again, the touchscreen isn't working at all. So, for those of you considering calling and/or texting me: Don't. I won't be able to answer or even see that you called until then. Sad. Very sad.

6. I purchased a bunch of free music downloads off of Amazon this morning. I guess "purchased" isn't the right word. All I'm going to say is that if you want to try out new music/bands/labels and possibly find something you can really sink your teeth into, check the Amazon MP3 page. They are always offering free singles and sampler albums that aren't half bad. I mean, most of the ones I choose aren't bad. I'm sure some of them aren't my cup of tea, but I ignore those for the most part.

What was I talking about again?
You know, maybe that second iced coffee I downed about half an hour ago wasn't the best idea.
I don't know. I'm done with the babblefest.