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SCC-Cameron-Blast doors

I've warned you before...

Oh, man! My kid is such a diva sometimes. Total drama queen. He had a dentist appointment this morning to have some sealant put on his back teeth. This is not a big deal. At.All. However, they had to numb him up a bit for it. Have I ever mentioned how he's not a big fan of needles? Well, consider it said. So, he gets through the entire procedure without realizing that they had to use a needle to numb him up. Then I made the mistake of telling him that the reason he was numb was because of the shot they had to give him. Oh.My.God. Stop the world! A shot! I swear to you that he was fine up until that point. Then he was a blubbering mess.

My kid. Love him!

And that was the full extent of what Cole and I did today. You know, because once we got home the drama queen wanted to mope around and watch a movie. Well, we couldn't decide on one to watch so we ended up watching HGTV for hours. We lounged in bed and watched House Hunters and Holmes on Homes. Or whatever that show is called.

Which reminds me that I want to watch 2012 tonight.
I think I'm done for now.
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I think it's funny he cried AFTER the fact. I will never understand divas. Yours..mine...*sigh*
I have wanted to see 2012 however. Just how cheesy and bad WAS it?!

I really liked the movie. It wasn't great or anything but it was a damn lot of fun. Word!

Good to know. I'll have to make sure to sit and enjoy sometime with lots of candy

can i guy be a diva? or do they have another name, like 'divo'?

also, when i was googling 'what do you call a male diva' one of the things that popped up was 'what do you call a black man with a PhD' how is that the same? oh google...

You know, that could only happen to you. If I googled it I'd get something like "How does the word Miva related to men" and I'd be all "what?"

Yours was better.

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