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Books-SK-Bad Moon Rising

I have a tendancy of getting very physical ...

After journaling last night I tooled around on my story. At that point I had written maybe 300 words for the day. Maybe. I went back and re-read some of the parts that I've been mulling over as being either too rough or needing a little tweaking because of things that came later. Then I sat down and actually wrote. I think I turned the computer off around midnight.

Amazingly, I turned out nearly 2000 words total yesterday. More, if you count the changes I noodled around with.

I added another 200-300 words today and I'm still seeing the path this story is taking. I finished off chapter 5 and got a good start on chapter 6. I'm still contemplating killing someone, but it kinda depends on whether my bad guy is as bad as I think he is. It also depends on whether the victim has to guts to keep going in the face of adversity. I've laid the groundwork for some scenes between the two mains that I knew were going to happen from the beginning. Some of these scenes were the ones that tipped the scales in favor of me trying to write this story. Once I saw them I wanted to know how they ended. I wanted to know how my heroine worked her way out of the hole she'd been thrown into. Metaphorically. I wanted to see if my hero had the foresight to fight for the things worth fighting for.

Thus far, they haven't disappointed me.

*happy sigh*

Yes, this story feels all-consuming sometimes, but it's so worth it. I love the feeling I get when the words I'm writing go from a jumble of ideas to a cohesive story.

Enough writing talk. I went to Verizon today to have them take a look at my phone. The tech did a few things and told me that it was all fixed and shouldn't freeze up again. I'm like, hmm, let me see. I opened up the Twitter app, flipped the phone and handed it right back to him when the funky lines that should not be appeared. His response? "Wow. I've never seen that happen before." Yeah, yeah, buddy. Whatever. I'm having a new phone shipped to me. It should be here no later than Monday, although probably Saturday. As a plus, my phone is working now. It just randomly gives me the squiggly lines of DOOM every so often and then it gets over itself. Yay?

Since we were down in San Jose doing the Verizon thing I asked Cole if he wanted to go up to the bookstore at the mall. We went, I bought a book. I dragged Cole into Hot Topic because I love the clothes that store carries and have only actually shopped there online. 3 t-shirts for Cole (Halo, Star Wars and Deadliest Warrior), a new pair of fingerless gloves (for me), a new pair of over the knee socks (for me) and a mini skirt (obviously for me) later we managed to make our way out.

I'll be wearing that mini skirt tomorrow. Maybe with my completely awesome Fangtasia shirt. Don't be jealous, you can't all be as wickedly goth as me!
Okay. I have things to do.

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how can you be goth when you are more tan than i am? :-)

It's all about the clothes, darling! All about the clothes!
Dammit, I hate this tan. I've been wearing so much sunscreen that I feel like a grease monkey. GROSS!

i haven't been in a hot topic in ages. i don't shop anymore :/

Good GOD, I had so much fun in there. My mini skirt is outstanding! And new gloves! Watch me squee like a little girl!

You + Cell Phones = unmixy???

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