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Psych-Gus is stealth

It didn't measure up ...

Today's writing fun!

Chapter 5 is nearly complete. We got some mythology behind the Werewolves, a full-on shift, and the girl is finally out of her injury-induced sleep.

Next up: Close out chapter 5 with a meeting between wolf and girl. Send our hero out into the big, bad world to hunt some more baddies. Decide whether the kidnap victim survives.

I plan on finishing out that chapter tonight.

On top of the random writing I've been doing, I'm helping a certain lovely someone edit her novel. It's rather fun, if I do say so. Except that sometimes I have to go back and re-read becasue I forget the actual editing part. :) That's a good thing, though, because it means that THE STORY IS A GOOD ONE!

Cole, Hailey and I have a date with Amber, Phil, and Ryan to go berry picking tomorrow morning. Two cars, berry-stained fingers, hours of fun!

Wow. I might have to shut my window. It's getting a little chilly. Annnnd. I still have to take the dogs out. I guess I'd better find my sweater.

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Wow. It's seriously hot where I am at.

We've been having crazy weather. Hot, cold, hot, cold. Right now? It's crazy windy and a bit on the chilly side.

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