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TB-Eric/Sookie-True love sucks bullets

That's a good day.

We had kinda a nothing day today due to Cole's career ending toe injury. When we took off the band-aid earlier I wasn't nearly as disgusted as I thought I'd be. It's bloody. The nail is probably going to fall off at some point in the near future. But. It wasn't vomit inducing gross. Awe.some.

I watched the season premiere of True Blood. Alexander Skargard is my new TV boyfriend. My panties have decreed it and I must listen. He looked absolutely amazing. Stunning. Beyond compare. The episode wasn't half bad either. In all seriousness, I actually watched the entire episode with no fast forwarding. Even the Tara scenes. I think that happened in ONE episode for season two. Whoa.

And on the writing front ...

Not a humongous word count day, but I introduced a bad-ass bad guy and finished off a chapter. The good guys have been given a concrete purpose that they're moving toward and some more hints as to our heroine's past were dropped.

Next up: I have to get the girl out of the infirmary, kidnap an unsuspecting young lady, and have the Pack Beta come to some harsh realizations.

Amb, Phil and I are trying to plan a berry picking day later in the week. I'm going to buy a pie. A delicious, delicious pie. Yum. And we'll pick some berries. I want to make more blackberry jam. That would be the best thing ever.

Now I'm hungry.

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why are you going berry picking and then buying a pie? make the damn pie with the picked berries! c'mon!

I might do that also but apparently the pies up at the berry place are OMG SO GOOD! I thought I'd give them a try and see if they were really as good as I'd been told.

There was a purpose to my berry madness!

My best friend said the same thing she's like "can we PLEASE fast forward Tara??" lol

Lol! I think I fast forwarded her entire storyline last season. Her voice makes me cringe on the inside. Fortunately she didn't talk all that much in this ep so I was able to withstand what little screeching there was.

In conclusion: Vikings, FTW!

still haven't been able to see true blood :(

Please tell me you've seen it at this point. Please. Because it was really good and I'm a little bit in love with Eric Northman. No, I'm a lot in love. Stamina, ftw!

BTW ...

This seemed like something that might interest you, if you have not already seen it.

I hadn't seen it but it's outstanding! Love, love, love!

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