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Quote-My OTP keeps me hopeful

Have you found anything yet?

My mom's birthday is this coming Thursday but we're swamped this entire week with crazy stuff going on so we (collectively as a family) decided to have an impromptu celebration today. It was delicious. Hotter than hell outside, but cool and delicious inside.

The bad side of this is that Cole tripped over a tile while we were at my sister's house and tore one of his toe nails off. Well, I'm not sure if it's actually torn off, but there was a lot of blood and wailing. Poor guy.

As soon as the kiddo falls asleep I'm planning on watching the season premiere of True Blood. I am completely looking forward to seeing Eric Northman in all his Viking-esque glory. Alexander Skarsgard. Yum.

I have vampires and writing to take care of.

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I actually just came back from spending the weekend with my mother as her birthday was last Saturday. So I can relate.

Lol! I hope you had a good time!

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