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If this is what you want than fire at will ...

Does anybody know where you can get that cool little stat bar that tracks how many words/books/whatever you're trying to track? For example: 10,000 words/60,000 words with the cute little bar that shows your progress. I've used it before but I completely do NOT remember either what it's actually called nor where to get it. I've googled such terms as "stat bar", "word count bar", "word count" and many, many permutations of those... oh, never fucking mind. I just found it.

So. I did a wee bit of the writing today. Nothing fantabulous or anything, but I did break the 10K word mark on the story. I'm not sure how many words I'm aiming for altogether, so I'm going to say 50K at the moment (in honor of NaNoWriMo).


This is a very exciting moment for me. Plus, I like the visual representation of my writing with that little bar.

So, the scene that pushed my words over 10K? A sex scene. A fast and dirty sex scene between two people who are not my main characters. I will say that they have a pretty substantial part in the story, but they are not the mains. Next up, we wander over to our bad guys and see how depraved and bothersome they really are. Well, after our two sexy werewolves have a little post coital chat.

Why, yes. I have decided to embrace the fact that I think about sex-type stuff way too much and turn it into something that works for me. Writing porn, ftw!

The boy is driving me crazy. How can you be bored? How? You have all these things inn the house to do and play with and DO. No boredom allowed!

I'm done.
Back to the writing.